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Safe Rope Switches

Safe Rope Switches

Cable-operated switches are used for monitoring or for EMERGENCY-STOP devices on particularly endangered system sections.

As the effective range of a cable-operated switch is only limited by the length of the pull-rope, large systems can also be protected. Cable-operated switches (requiring pulling at both ends) and conveyor belt unbalance trackers are used primarily for monitoring very long belt systems.

Switch blocks

The switches for wire lengths up to 50 m are supplied with 1 NO + 1 NC or 2 NC contacts and those up to 75 m with 1 NO + 3 NC contacts. The switches for wire lengths from 2 × 75 m. The switches for wire lengths from 2 X 75 m and the conveyor belt unbalance protection device are supplied with 2 NO + 2 NC contacts.

The NC contacts for cable snap or cable control signals are positive opening. The NO contact can be used, for example, for signaling purposes.

Ready-to-run and display

Cable-operated switches with one-sided operation are made ready for use by pre-tensioning the tension lock.

On switches with interlocking, with a pretensioned cable, the locking must be deactivated beforehand in order to return the cable-operated switch to its original position.

The cable-operated switch and the conveyor belt unbalance tracker can also be supplied with a factory-fitted LED (red, 24 V DC). This light in innovative chip-on-board technology allows the operating state of the switch to be visible at a distance of at least 50 m.

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