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Two-handed control

Two-handed control


The two-hand operation consoles are pre-equipped with 3SB3 command devices. In the case of plastic enclosures the command positions are equipped as standard with actuators and indicators made of plastic, in the case of metal enclosures they are equipped with actuators and indicators made of metal.

The standard equipment comprises:

  • 2 black mushroom pushbuttons, Ø 40 mm, 1 NO + 1 NC,

Order No. 3SB30 00-1GA11 or 3SB35 00-1GA11

  • 1 red EMERGENCY-STOP mushroom pushbutton according to ISO 13850,

Ø 40 mm, with positive latching, 2 NC,

Order No. 3SB30 00-1HA20 or 3SB35 00-1HA20.

The metal version is also available as an unequipped empty enclosure.

The plastic version can be retrofitted with up to 8 customized command positions. The surface of the console has premachined breaking points for this purpose.


The two-hand operation consoles can be mounted either on the stand available or directly on the machine by means of the holes in the rear panel

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