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Safety switches

Safety switches

3SE5 series

Safety switches with separate actuator are used where the position of doors, covers or protective grilles must be monitored for safety reasons.

3SE5 safety switches with separate actuator have the same enclosures as the 3SE5 position switches (modular system).

3SE5 safety switches with head for separate actuator


Enclosure sizes

The 3SE5 safety switches are available in four different enclosure sizes:

  • Plastic enclosure according to EN 50047, 31 mm wide, IP 65, 1 cable entry

  • Metal enclosure according to EN 50047, 31 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 1 cable entry

  • Plastic and metal enclosure according to EN 50041, IP66/IP67, 40 mm wide, 1 cable entry

  • Plastic enclosure, 50 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 2 cable entries

  • Metal enclosure, 56 mm in wide, IP66/IP67, 3 cable entries

Also available are switches in the 3SE2 series which have been developed in this form according to general market requirements:

  • Molded-plastic enclosures outside of the standards, enclosure width 52 mm, IP67

3SE2 243 safety switch

Enclosure versions

Various basic versions can be selected for the 3SE5 enclosures:

•Available with two or three-pole contact blocks designed as slow-action contacts

•Optional LED status display

•With mounted four or five-pole M12 connector socket (available for the wide enclosures as an accessory for self-assembly)

•With 6-pole connector socket + PE on the metal enclosures

•Similarly with a combination of connector socket and LED indicators

•Metal enclosure for explosion protection (ATEX)

•AS-Interface version with integrated ASIsafe electronics for all enclosure designs


The actuator head is included in the scope of supply. For actuation from four directions it can be adjusted through 4 × 90deg. The switches can also be approached from above.

The actuator heads of the 3SE2 243 and 3SE2 257 switches with special enclosures cannot be changed. The switches can be approached from the two broad sides and from above.

The actuators are not included in the scope of supply of the safety switch and must be ordered separately from a choice of different versions to suit the application.

The actuator is encoded. Simple overruling by hand or auxiliary devices is impossible.

Radius actuators

The safety switches with radius actuators are particularly suitable for rotary protective devices. The movable actuation key allows even small radii to be approached. Damage to the switch and the actuator due to inaccurate approach is prevented.

Locking devices

A high-grade steel blocking insert for attaching up to eight padlocks is available for even more safety.

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