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Delivering first class Siemens portfolio on board.

Our journey starts with understanding industry challenges. We need to be fast and flexible when navigating through these challenges by using the power of data.

With our portfolio of Software, Automation, Robotics, Digital Connectivity, Customer Services and Smart Infrastructure, we make the digital transformation a success and also focus on sustainability and innovation.


The Power of Data - Fast and confident decisions with the Digital Enterprise

The aerospace industry faces monumental challenges: rapidly changing market conditions, financial pressures and, at the same time, an increasingly urgent need for more sustainability. Aerospace companies can better meet these highly complex challenges by fully digitising and automating their processes and efficiently using the resulting data.

As technology experts in digitalisation and automation, we drive and support customers in the aerospace industry on their paths to become a Digital Enterprise. Together with Siemens, we collaborate with leading machine and systems engineering companies as well as the aerospace industry itself to create customised solutions for Engine and Aerostructure Production, Assembly, Robotics and Composites as well as for Additive Manufacturing.

By making them smarter and more connected systems, our aerospace customers fully exploit the potential of their data by connecting the real and digital worlds and combining the power of software and automation.


Digital Twin power

The comprehensive Digital Twin approach allows realistic simulations and validation of the entire aircraft products, lines and complete plants and is the foundation for flexible, efficient and sustainable manufacturing.

Cutting edge technologies

As a Siemens Trusted Partner, we have exclusive access to its portfolio – next level of digital transformation and integrate cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, cloud computing, industrial 5G, blockchain and Additive Manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 AI helps analyse complex data sets to enhance aerodynamic simulations, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall aircraft performance. 

AI algorithms for predictive maintenance enable proactive identification of potential issues to optimise maintenance schedules and minimise downtime in the aerospace industry.

Edge Computing

Leverages edge computing in aerospace applications to process data closer to the source, reducing latency and enhancing real-time decision-making. In aerospace, edge computing allows tasks like on-board analytics, enabling aircraft systems to process data locally rather than relying solely on centralised servers. This improves overall system responsiveness, supports autonomous functions, and enhances the efficiency of critical operations in aerospace, such as navigation and communication.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in aerospace applications serve several purposes, including data storage, collaboration, and complex simulations. Utilising the cloud, enables centralised large volumes of aerospace data, making it accessible and shareable among stakeholders – facilitating collaborative design and analysis processes, streamlining development in the aerospace industry.

Industrial 5G

Industrial 5G in aerospace applications enhance connectivity, communication, and automation. It enables high-speed, low-latency wireless communication, providing a robust and reliable network for various aerospace applications allowing real-time monitoring and control of automated processes, improving efficiency and precision. This enhances overall connectivity, contributing to safer and more efficient aerospace manufacturing process and operations.

Digitalisation: Next level flexibility

The runway to success - Start your digital transformation now

Siemens holistic software and automation portfolio that seamlessly combines the real and digital worlds to become a true Digital Enterprise, is driving the digital transformation at its best. The seamless integration of automation, software and cutting edge technologies will take the aerospace industry to the next level of efficiency and sustainability.

Discover how to benefit from merging the real and digital worlds and find out the possibilities provided by the Digital Twins of product, machine, plant, and the entire aircraft production. In order to facilitate the start and implementation of digitalisation, we offer comprehensive consulting and develop a customised strategy and roadmap together with you.


Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a Digital Enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow. Our software portfolio helps aerospace companies of all sizes create and leverage Digital Twins that provide organisations with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure intelligently connects energy systems, buildings, and industries, enhancing the way we live and work to significantly improve efficiency and sustainability. We ensure safety and security of your critical infrastructure to protect your business continuity and improve operational efficiency. We guarantee sustainable business by realising a combination of decarbonisation and resilience.


Let us walk the path of digital transformation in the aerospace industry together to increase your productivity and sustainability. Benefit from our digitalisation expertise, the use of future-proof technologies and our industrial learning opportunities. Our service experts are your partners in digital transformation.

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