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Introducing the LBR iisy Cobot

Discover the features of the LBR iisy Cobot – highly versatile, intuitive to operate and reliable in contact with humans – the LBR iisy is a cobot for all production areas. It combines the know-how of industrial automation with the flexibility and simplicity of an intelligent tool, paired with the speed of a traditional industrial robot.

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Understand more about SIMATIC ElastiComp

With this standard application, low-frequency load oscillations can be greatly reduced by modifying the motor setpoint curve. Load oscillations caused by movement commands often have a negative effect on positioning accuracy and dynamics. ElastiComp modifies the motion profile of the motor based on the mechanical parameters of the system so

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SIMATIC Robot Integrator

Integrate and program robots – it’s easier than ever before The SIMATIC Robot Integrator app lets you integrate robots from different manufacturers into your machine structures quickly and easily via TIA Portal, with no assistance from external specialists. Now with the universal SIMATIC Robot Library, TIA speaks the same language

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Siemens PLM Virtual Commissioning Software for OEMs / Machine Builders

Why should you adopt virtual commissioning today? This year we have been discussing the many benefits of using Siemens PLM Software with UK OEM’s / Machine Builders. Through a number of hands on customer workshops we have been demonstrating how you can reduce total time required for commissioning a machine by as much as 70%.

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Introducing Siemens SINAMICS G120X Drive

Optimised for infrastructure and industrial water/wastewater applications, as well as pumps and fans in building automation, it is a leading control solution for almost any industry, application or environment. You can fully customise your drive to meet your specification while benefitting from Siemens incredible 7.5 years warranty.

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Siemens Transform 2024

Join us at the biggest event this year!

17 -18 July 2024

Manchester Central

Benefit from integrated Motion Control Solution.

Greater flexibility and faster time-to-market without the complexity.

Find out about how our integrated solution enable your system’s increased functionality, safety and sustainability, and faster development time without the costly prototyping

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