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Battery Manufacturing

Enabling an end-to-end solution for battery manufacturing, development, and recycling.

To meet the demand, the battery industry must accelerate innovation, optimise production, increase data transparency and quality, all while ensuring a smart and robust infrastructure to scale up manufacturing globally. This highly competitive market of industrial batteries is attracting both startups and established players, all striving to deliver high-performance batteries cost-effectively, at scale, and with high yields. One of our goals is to help you become a leading manufacturer of next-gen sustainable battery technologies at speed and scale.


Bringing battery manufacturing to the next level

The electromobility boom is driving demand for batteries. Battery manufacturers and machine builders can meet this demand by integrating the physical and digital worlds. This leads to increased transparency, speed, and efficiency, from smart infrastructure to optimised battery design to streamlined production and sustainable recycling practices.

Partnering with a trusted manufacturers and expert advisors that has first-hand experience in all critical domains of the battery industry like engineering, manufacturing and recycling will help you level up digitalisation and automation efficiently in a rapidly evolving battery technology and manufacturing landscape. 

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Digitalisation and automation as game-changers in industrial batteries manufacturing

Digitalisation and automation are game-changers in the development and production of lithium-ion and other batteries. The massive amount of data generated in the Internet of Things (IoT) needs to be collected, understood, and used intelligently – for example, to simulate and design new battery cells, optimise new production plants including it’s energy availability before they’re built and, above all, utilise valuable raw materials perfectly and with no waste. Using Siemens Xcelerator, we introduce you to simple, flexible, and open digital business platform that helps the battery industry to innovate faster and ultimately become Digital Enterprises.

Creating blueprints for your breakthrough in the battery industry

We are focusing on three areas, from battery design to battery manufacturing and battery machine building while leveraging energy management, IoT, and building solutions.

Accelerated battery development

Enable your organisation to develop battery chemistry, cells, modules, and packs that meet quality and performance expectations while allowing for a fast production ramp-up. Accelerate the adoption of an integrated, model-based, quality-driven development process for lithium-ion and other batteries to speed up next generation designs.

Battery smart manufacturing

Fast-track the adoption of a virtually developed, integrated, and intelligent battery production process. This will enable your factory operations to produce lithium-ion and other battery cells, modules, and packs that meet quality, throughput, cost, and sustainability targets. The insights from your operational data are used to continuously improve and increase agility, which will help you secure your role as a leading battery manufacturer in the rapidly growing battery industry.

Advanced machine engineering for battery

Advanced Machine Engineering focuses on accelerating the development and building of battery machines for the battery industry. This is achieved by providing a comprehensive suite of digitalisation solutions that enable machine builders to design, develop, and manufacture battery machines more efficiently and effectively.

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