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Machinery and Plant Construction

Machine building and plant engineering.

Industry is facing numerous challenges that are also leading to new requirements for machine building and plant engineering. For you, this means that your development and production have to become more efficient and flexible so you can deliver innovative machine and plant concepts to your customers faster. Using the Siemens’ Digital Enterprise portfolio, we make this possible.


The digital transformation and Industry 4.0

The transformation enables companies to integrate processes that were previously separate and sequential so they can establish a closed loop between software and hardware and combine OT and IT for maximum transparency. The comprehensive portfolio of solutions from Siemens is based on in-depth application and industry expertise and reliably supports industrial enterprises throughout the entire digital transformation. This makes it possible to create a genuine digital enterprise, allowing companies to improve quality and increase flexibility, efficiency and, above all, sustainability.

Combining the real and digital worlds

Combining the real and digital worlds creates a continuous cycle of optimisation in a Digital Enterprise that makes it possible to improve machine design, planning, engineering, and operation continuously throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle.

The digital twin – a comprehensive approach

The comprehensive digital twin makes it possible for products, machines, lines, and entire plants to be realistically simulated and validated and is the basis for flexible and efficient manufacturing. In a data-driven industry, it allows products, machines, and production to be continuously optimised.

Digital Threads

Digital Threads, based on specific business processes, serve as a map of the digital journey toward becoming a true Digital Enterprise. They digitally link all the tasks and processes of the entire machine and machine operation lifecycle in order to meet the upcoming challenges.

Combination of OT and IT

The combination of OT and IT enables optimal use of the data generated in a company in order to achieve maximum transparency. For example, it makes it possible to use artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance, perform precise condition monitoring, and improve quality.

Digital Enterprise for machine building: A holistic approach for the entire lifecycle.

Industry-specific solutions

Industry increases the frequency of production and fulfils more and more individual customer demands – that’s something module and machine builders have to consider. Because of varying requirements of different markets, we adapted our solution portfolio specifically to each market. Thus we enable every industry to link the digital twins of modules and machine in a unique way. This way you can realise the digital transformation of your company along the entire value chain.

Shaping the machine tool industry of the future

Digital twin technology has the potential to significantly improve efficiency and quality in the machine tool industry. DMG MORI offers digital twins of its machines that provide a complete copy of the machine, automation and process. By replicating all components, functions, movements, and the control, the digital twin enhances productivity and sustainability.

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Always one step ahead in metal forming

A single source for the entire range of metal forming solutions – the Siemens range of solutions for sheet metal working extends far beyond the core technologies. Whether for simulation, safety, energy management, or control panel building. 

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Your packaging machine: standardised, flexible and digital

With future-proof, modular solutions for packaging machines, you can shorten your time to market and increase plant availability – with less complexity and efficient engineering.

As a specialist for the packaging industry, we support you with powerful, efficient and customised solutions for Siemens’ Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Digital Enterprise portfolio.

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Solutions for perfect results in the plastics industry

Injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding or thermoforming, rubber/tyres, or handling: Achieve optimal product quality with maximum availability and flexibility with Siemens Digital Enterprise solution portfolio. Benefit from shorter development times and a faster time-to-market with our standards for software, automation, and drives technology.

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Achieving perfect printing results with scalable solutions

Successful with proven standards and digital solutions. Intelligent system solutions can build a sustainable future for your business. Years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge and flexible product components make us a reliable partner. With our Digital Enterprise portfolio combined with flexible standard applications, you will achieve the perfect result faster.

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Digitalisation for machine builders in the solar industry

Leverage the full potential of your machines with intelligent automation solutions. Siemens’ Digital Enterprise solution portfolio gives you all the controller and drive components you need for turning innovative ideas into perfect system solutions – for the entire range of production machines for the solar industry.

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Customisable solutions for mechanical engineering in the glass industry

As a machine builder, you use the possibilities of digitisation to enable your customers to quickly adapt their production processes. Starting from product design to production and service. The interaction of Digital Enterprise, automation and open interfaces such as OPC UA and Companion specifications supports you on your way to becoming a digital company.

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Customisable solutions for the mechanical engineering of natural stone processing

Machines in natural stone processing must meet the highest requirements for precision, reliability and robustness. As a machine builder, you always want to offer your customers optimal, cost-efficient solutions, characterised by ease of operation. The combination of Digital Enterprise solutions and scalable automation portfolio supports you in this.

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A portfolio that leaves no questions unanswered

In global competition, woodworking machines must be efficient and energy-saving. They can counter the trend of individualised mass production with unimagined potentials of digitalisation. The interplay of digital enterprise solutions, end-to-end automation, and open interfaces such as OPC UA and Companion specifications will support you in this.

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Boosting reliability and cost efficiency in the textile industry

Manufacturers of textile machinery are faced with new challenges every day: Intensive competition, continuous innovation and high production costs place high requirements on the manufacturers. We respond to these challenges with an integrated approach, our Digital Enterprise solution portfolio.

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