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Power Utilities

The energy transition will revolutionise the energy ecosystem. Tomorrow’s smart grids will balance energy generation with increasing demand and self-sufficiency. With our solutions, we connect your grid intelligently — for a more reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy supply.


Tap into the potential of smart energy infrastructure.

Over the past 100 years, the power grid has undergone countless technological changes. But mega trends such as climate change, digitalisation, and urbanisation – coupled with the drive to decarbonise and decentralise – are leading to a transformation of the energy landscape at unprecedented speed. In addition, the risk of global pandemics, rising geopolitical tensions, possible gas shortages and increasing prices have the potential to create an energy crisis, that can only be averted if we reinvent the way we plan, build and manage energy.

In order to manage this growing complexity, power utilities – from generation through transmission to distribution – need to manage volatile generation and load profiles as well as multi-directional power flows from more and more distributed, increasingly renewable sources. 

Key challenges in the energy sector

Maintaining grid stability

Increasing energy demands often clash with fluctuating generation. Balancing both is crucial for tomorrow’s grid stability. Our smart energy solutions simplify management, align OT and IT, and ensure a resilient, scalable, and adaptable grid.

Maximising cyber and asset security

Power grids can be a target for cyberattacks, which could cause power outages and unpredictable results. Our solutions incorporate security measures to remove vulnerabilities in IT components, control devices, and substation and switchgear systems.

Reducing expenditures

Transforming energy systems impacts traditional business models through increasing investment costs and market disruption from new competitors. Our solutions enhance competitiveness through optimised CAPEX and OPEX with asset optimisation, digital planning, simulation, and flexible financing options.

Integrating distributed energy resources (DERs)

DERs are at the heart of a clean and resilient energy future. But greater system flexibility is needed to consistently balance supply and demand. Our solution offering covers the entire spectrum: from consulting to technical applications and services to tailored financing and business models.

Get more from less – with our smart energy infrastructure offering

With our proven expertise in electrification, we have created a benchmark portfolio of connected hardware and software for all participants in the energy system.

blue GIS

Using Zero SF6 means zero fluorine gases. Our blue GIS switchgears use “clean air” as an insulation medium, consisting entirely of natural components from ambient air. This significantly reduces the grid operator’s carbon footprint and guarantees trouble-free end-of-life recycling.

Digital applications help future-proof investment and ensure maximum cost-efficiency.


Using renewable energy-based microgrids can address two challenges: climate change and high energy prices. Microgrids are self-contained systems that can provide sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy. With our portfolio of solutions, you can maximize the benefits of your microgrid for your own use or to generate additional revenue.

Spectrum Power

With Spectrum Power, we can create bespoke grid control systems using modular components to enhance grid stability, future-proof distribution, optimise generation, incorporate renewable energy, and manage microgrids. These systems are scalable and adaptable to the evolving energy landscape.

The Siemens Xcelerator for Grids

Grid software

Modular, open, user-centric, interoperable and fail-safe: our grid software, grid operators, industrial and infrastructure companies accelerate energy transition sustainably and profitably.

IoT applications

More efficient, cost-saving and secure: Our IoT applications help TSOs, DSOs, and industrial and infrastructure customers deliver lasting power distribution improvements across all fields.

Consulting and services

Whether it’s rising demand, renewables or fluctuating market conditions: We work with our clients on innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges.

Safety and security

Whether it’s access control, video surveillance or fire protection, our security solutions protect people and assets, making businesses more resilient, regardless of company size or market type.

eMobility charging management

From development to management: As a one-stop shop for eMobility charging infrastructure, we offer cutting-edge AC and DC charging hardware, software, and services.

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