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Siemens TIA Portal Cloud

Cloud-based, open engineering framework.

With TIA Portal Cloud, not only can you perform your engineering tasks quickly, efficiently, and securely, you can do so from anywhere and at any time! You can access the right TIA Portal version, without installation or updates. To save time, you can also save your projects in the cloud and can just as easily and securely share them with colleagues.

TIA Portal access anytime, anywhere without installation.

The way of working changed and access to data and software platforms from anywhere, at any time, are mandatory. Not only flexible working models are shaping everyday life, but also freedom and flexibility in payment & billing according individual needs are essential. Yet existing systems need to be maintained which results in elaborate retention of former versions.

Using the TIA Portal Cloud

Access to all versions and options

With TIA Portal Cloud, all you need is an up-to-date browser and Internet access to be able to access the latest version of the TIA Portal (V19) as well as earlier versions from TIA Portal V14. All the TIA Portal options are also available, including SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety, SIMATIC Energy Suite, SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advance, SIMATIC WinCC Unified, SIMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc), and Test Suite. And engineering isn’t all you can do in the cloud. You can also simulate and visualise.

FREE Trial*

TIA Portal Cloud Trial Version

Learn about TIA Portal Cloud and all its options without having to install it. The trial version gives you 21 days of FREE access. *For a limited time, you can use any available TIA Portal version based on the Industry Premium Portal. 

Activate your 21-days trial version.

Engineering in the web browser

TIA Portal provides you with a cloud environment for engineering with TIA Portal – at any time and from anywhere. With an up-to-date browser you have access to all functions and options without having to install anything. You can use the test environment and file sharing for your projects in the cloud, and also use simulations with S7-PLCSIM Advanced.

Industry Premium Portal

Along with the existing Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS), the Industry Premium Portal is the cornerstone of a new and innovative service portal that is available to Premium users in the form of an annual subscription that automatically ends after 12 months. 

In addition to access to the trial version of TIA Portal Cloud, it offers exclusive content, lifecycle and health checks, and file-sharing opportunities. Explore the benefits of Siemens Industry Premium Portal

TIA Portal Cloud features

With the release of TIA Portal V19 and TIA Portal Cloud, additional licensing models are available that are flexibly adapted to the user’s requirements.

A simple cloud environment for engineering using the TIA Portal

Your quick and easy introduction to engineering using the TIA Portal. Take advantage of the TIA Portal and TIA Portal options, from anywhere and at any time.


A simple test environment for TIA Portal scenarios in the cloud

The easy-to-operate, high-performance testing environment in the cloud also offers simulation options using TIA Portal Test Suite and SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced.


Web-based access to engineering with the TIA Portal in the cloud

It’s now easier than ever, without installation effort, with flexible options for use on PC and tablet hardware, and with minimal hardware complexity.


Cloud-based storage of TIA Portal project data

Store the data for your TIA Portal projects centrally and simplify project handling, particularly when working in teams.

For your specific requirements, talk to us.

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Licensing model

New demand-oriented and flexible licensing models for the TIA Portal

With the release of TIA Portal V19 and TIA Portal Cloud, additional licensing models are available that are flexibly adapted to the user’s requirements.
A monthly/yearly subscription model is available for TIA Portal Cloud or, alternatively, a pay-per-use model in which only actual use is billed.

Monthly subscription

With the monthly subscription model, you can record the use of TIA Portal Cloud as operating expenses and can adapt the running time to your current project.

Annual subscription

The annual subscription gives you full access to all TIA Portal versions available online. In addition, you benefit from the digital course offerings of SITRAIN access throughout the year.

Pay-per-use billing

For smaller projects or infrequent use, the pay-per-use model provides maximum flexibility when using the TIA Portal. You pay only for the hours you actually use.

Benefit from predictable cost

Until now, the TIA Portal was available only as a license for one-time purchase. An additional, need-based payment model is now available for TIA Portal V19 and TIA Portal Cloud that can be flexibly adapted to your goals and requirements, similar to the well-known licensing model offered by providers of streaming services.

Choices include the established, unlimited licensing model with an optional software update service as well as the new annual subscription model. The subscription model for the stationary TIA Portal version is tailored to special requirements by means of packages and is suitable for both small and very large companies, whether for individual machines or complex plants.

Purchase your license now.

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