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Siemens TIA Selection Tool

Quick, easy, smart configuration.

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) offers smart automation development, flexible machine concepts, transparent operation, and sustainable solutions that enable access to data to calculate and optimise the product carbon footprint. For your application we offer Siemens’ TIA Selection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts alike. No detailed portfolio knowledge is necessary. TIA Selection Tool is available for download as a free desktop version or a cloud variant.

Using the TIA Selection Tool

A key feature of the Parmley Graham website is our full integration with the TIA Selection Tool. This allows you to build systems to your exact specifications on the Siemens configurator, and transfer the parts list straight back to Parmley Graham.

Use the links on our homepage, product pages, or right here to visit the TIA Selection Tool, and then follow the step-by-step process on the site. Customise and complete your system here, and click ‘Shopping cart transfer’ to move the parts across to Parmley Graham.

An offline version of the TIA Selection Tool is also available for download, allowing you to create your system remotely and then upload the completed project to the online version.

Choose your options below:

Download TIA Selection Tool (offline)

Launch TIA Selection Tool (online)

Find the TIA Selection Tool on every Siemens product page.
When you click the TIA Selection Tool

You will be directed to Siemens’ portal to build your system specifications. Once you are done, you will be automatically redirected to Parmley Graham website to continue the next step.

View the video guide below and see how the TIA Selection Tool can help you!

Get the most out of Siemens portfolio

Quick: Time-saving configuration

  • Configure a complete project with just a few entries – without a manual and special knowledge
  • Import and export of hardware configuration to TIA Portal or other systems
  • Ideal visualisation of the projects to be configured

Easy: Everything in one tool

  • Tool download either as desktop version or web-based cloud version
  • Always up to date technically about product portfolio and innovative approaches
  • Highly flexible, secure, cross-team work in the cloud
  • Direct ordering of the configured products in the Siemens Industry Mall

Easy: Everything in one tool

  • Smart selection wizard for error-free configuration and ordering
  • Configuration options can be tested and simulated in advance
  • Library for archiving sample configurations

For your specific requirements, talk to us.

To see how we can help with your systems or if you have any enquiry, please get in touch – we’ll be pleased to help. Send us an email at or fill the form below.

Video Tutorials

Basics - The most important functions

Interplay of the desktop and the online version

In this tutorial we will show you how you can exploit the seemless interplay between the desktop and the online version of the TIA Selection Tool to add even more efficency to your work processes.

TIA Selection Tool cloud

In this tutorial we would like to introduce you to the TIA Selection Tools browser based version TST cloud – no need for installation and optimized for mobile devices.

Display prices

In TIA Selection Tool it is now possible to switch between the list price and your personal customer price. All you need is a Siemens Industry Mall account. Whether in the configurator, in the order list, in export files or in product overviews – the choice is yours.


The migration wizard of the TIA Selection Tool allows just with some clicks to migrate the configurations of the S7-300 and S7‑400 to S7‑1500, the ET 200S to ET 200SP and the ET 200M to ET 200MP.


This mini tutorial will show you how to use the library function. The library is a personalized catalouge in which you can save device configuration for later use in projects.

Generate your own brochures

Exciting news! Our product brochure generated from TIA Selection Tool now includes linked comparison to technical data, allowing for quick and easy product comparisons. With monthly updates and linked part numbers that lead directly to the product in TIA Selection Tool, you’ll always have the latest information. Plus, logged-in users can view list or customer prices in the Industry Mall (please note that fictitious prices are used in this video for demonstration purposes).

Functions for special requirements

Plant configuration

The TIA Selection Tool considerably simplifies the structuring of a plant configuration: Set up a plant project that matches your requirements in just a few minutes!

24V DC Load View

Manually calculating consumption values, keeping reserves in mind, comparing requirements, and checking various configuration options? That’s a thing of the past – now, thanks to the TIA Selection Tool, you can add correctly designed SITOP power supplies conveniently and securely to your projects.

Projects export to TIA Portal

In this video tutorial we will show you how to export projects from the TIA-Selection-Tool into the engineering framework TIA Portal. We also show you the reverse procedure.

Option handling

The configuration control or the co-called option handling enables you to expand the basic configuration of your project with specific alternative configurations. Learn how to set up modular configurations in a single project in no time, using the TIA Selection Tool.

Plants and installation locations

In this mini tutorial we show you the function “Plants and installation locations”. With the implemented reference identifier, you structure your equipment in accordance with EN 81346 standard. With this labelling system all objects in your plant can be uniquely identified.

Safety Evaluation

Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool makes it even faster and more convenient to draw up proofs of safety in accordance with IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1. The additional functions offered by the TIA Selection Tool make the job of assessing your machine’s safety functions less time-consuming and more flexible.

From TIA Selection Tool to EPLAN in six steps

This video shows the EPLAN circuit diagram export in six steps. All you need is the free offline version of the TIA Selection Tool and EPLAN Electric P8. Once you have imported the automatically generated circuit diagrams into EPLAN, you can continue working immediately and efficiently.

Configurators and supplements for special product groups

Configuring SIMATIC Software Controllers with SIMATIC IPC 427E

The free configurator TIA Selection Tool is designed to help you find the right SIMATIC IPC or Microbox PC for your SIMATIC Software Controller.

How to find and configure Siemens IPCs

This video shows how to configure the BOX PC SIMATIC IPC127E using the free application TIA Selection Tool.

How to configure a BRAUMAT/SISTAR process control system in just a few steps

Run the desktop version of TIA Selection Tool and configure your devices. Save your shopping cart as a file or export it directly to Siemens Industry Mall!

SIZER – drive dimensioning: Geared motor including mechanics

Drive Dimensioning with SIZER: Geared motor including mechanics Engineering and design tool SIZER – Drive design with the TIA Selection Tool Model, dimension and configure drives – Fast, transparent and correct for dimensioning and configuring Siemens drive systems.

Drive dimensioning (via SIZER V3.x import)

You can use the interface for “SIZER for Siemens Drives” to switch from the TIA Selection Tool to SIZER in order to configure your drive solution, including controller and motion control. You can then apply the configuration to the TIA Selection Tool and complete it there.

Product selection and drive dimensioning combined in a single tool

We will show you how you can use the TIA Selection Tool not only to configure your system, but also to design your drives simply and safely. For this purpose, the drive dimensioning integrated in the TIA Selection Tool is used.

SIRIUS modular system: simple device selection

Discover how to get with a few clicks to the right product of the SIRIUS modular system in the TIA Selection Tool, e.g. via filtering according to all technical characteristics or display and select the suitable accessories.

Dimensioning of load feeders in only 30 seconds

As of now, you can select the suitable switching and protection devices for your motor with the Load Feeder Configurator+ (IEC) and it will automatically provide you with the cable cross-sections and short-circuit values for fuseless load feeders. Dimensioning your feeders has never been easier and more reliable!

With just a few clicks to the new switching device

Learn how you can now also select from the entire SIRIUS portfolio of low-voltage switchgear in the TIA Selection Tool with just a few clicks – from simple product selection to complete system configurations.


Make use of the compact IO system SIMATIC ET 200AL that allows the connection of sensors and actuators in extremely restricted places.


Using IO-Link in switchboards and on the field level simplifies the integration of sensors and actuators. It ensures maximal consistency and efficiency on the last steps to the process.


AS-Interface represents an open and manufacturer-independent bus system. Actuators and sensors are connected to controllers via an unshielded 2-wire line – with simultaneous transmission of data and energy.

We are Siemens trusted and approved distribution partner.

As a Value Added Reseller in Siemens’ Approved Partner network, Parmley Graham are a proven supplier of a wide range of quality products in the UK and globally. 

Find out more how this will benefit you or check Siemens Configurator.

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