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Transform 2024

17 -18 July 2024 | Manchester Central

Transformation enabling system efficiency, performance, safety and sustainability.

Charge your sustainability targets for faster and cost-effective delivery. 

Protect your systems from cyber threats and all forms of security breaches. Become fully compliant with legal requirements. 

See how you can maximise your talent potential and learn how technology can help us adapt to changing market demands and knowledge gaps.

Empower the next generation with advanced skills and innovative tools to thrive in a rapidly-evolving technological landscape.

About Siemens Transform

Join thousands of participants for a spectacular technology exhibition and conference exploring how to accelerate your digital and sustainability transformation by combining the real and digital worlds. Hear from and collaborate with experts, experience transformative technology, and work with a vibrant community to solve real-world challenges. Covering topics from decarbonisation to the industrial metaverse, co-create tangible solutions to make your organisation more competitive, resilient and sustainable.


Take a front-row seat with enlightening speeches from our experts, customers, and technology partners. Expect engaging presentations, thought-provoking speeches, and practical tips to take you forward on your digital and sustainability journey.

guided tours and talks

Get the most out of your experience with guided tours. See the exhibition highlights, meet the experts, and enjoy customised journeys that align with your priorities. Choose your route and take in the full breadth of the experience to ensure you don’t miss out.


Spark something new with insights from Siemens experts and technology partners. Take the opportunity to build your knowledge or talk shop with specialists across technology, finance, consultancy and cybersecurity. Exchange ideas in the meeting place or arrange a 1:1 meeting. The choice is yours.

Start your Transformation journey!

Digital transformation at Transform 2024

Siemens’ approach to digital transformation is multi-faceted, encompassing advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and digital twins, while fostering collaboration and sustainability. These efforts set the stage for a more connected, efficient, and sustainable future across various industries. Some of the key areas include:

Siemens is shaping the future of robotics through combining digital twin integration, AI and machine learning, collaborative robots, smart manufacturing, sustainability, and continuous innovation. The aim is to create robotic systems that are more intelligent, efficient, and adaptable, driving significant advancements in industrial automation.

Faster time-to-market, increased functionality, reduced complexity, and demands for safety and sustainability are major challenges for machine builders. SIMATIC Motion Control is the solution to sophisticated challenges in the motion control of modern machines or plants.

Siemens is pioneering the integration of the real and digital worlds to create the industrial metaverse. A virtual environment, it’s designed to be almost indistinguishable from reality, allowing real-time collaboration between humans & AI to address complex industrial challenges. 

Siemens Xcelerator is a comprehensive digital business platform integrating IoT, cloud computing, AI, and advanced analytics. It helps businesses accelerate digital transformation by providing tools and services for developing, managing, and scaling digital solutions. 

Siemens is investing in AI and machine learning to enhance automation and decision-making processes. AI-driven analytics optimise production lines, predict equipment failures, and improve supply chain management, enabling companies to operate more efficiently and respond swiftly to changing market demands.

Digital twin technology creates virtual replicas of physical assets to simulate and analyse their performance. Digital twins are used to improve product design, optimise manufacturing processes, and predict maintenance needs. They are crucial for driving efficiency and reducing downtime in complex industrial operations.

and much more…

Accelerate your digital Transformation

Meet us at Transform and speak to our experts 

Cybersecurity at Transform 2024

Cyber security is a huge industry topic and Siemens’ Transform will make no exception. The numerous advantages of today’s increasingly digitalised and interconnected world come with a price: Cyberattacks have become a serious threat – affecting our real-life and not only just data anymore. To take full advantage of the digital world, cybersecurity must accompany the industry transformation in every step of the way. 

Join the discussion at Transform 2024 and discover how Siemens’ innovative solutions can help you implement security and protection as mandated by IEC 62443 and NIS2 regulations.

Protecting your system, and valuable physical and digital assets from security threats.

Imagine that you have developed an amazing product, but hackers managed to crack its cybersecurity almost as soon as it is launched, dashing any hope of business success. 

Don’t be the next victim of industrial cyber attack – and certainly don’t add to the statistics.

of smart factories have experienced a cybersecurity incident

of cyber incidents occur in manufacturing

of ransomware attacks occur in manufacturing

of IT architectures had external connections to OT in 2021

Taking cyber threats seriously

Meet us at Transform and speak to our experts

Sustainability at Transform 2024

More than 90% of Siemens business enables customers to achieve a positive sustainability impact. Explore how you can leverage digitalisation to achieve and multiply sustainable outcomes and improve competitiveness and resilience.

Enabling the industry to help transform our world into a cleaner, safer and sustainable environment.

Climate change is real – as should be your sustainable strategies. Whatever your objectives are, be it reducing waste, energy conservation, resource management, decarbonisation or generating clean energy – implementing a target-driven and highly efficient solution is key to realistic and faster delivery of your goals. 

Siemens leverages digital technologies to enhance the management and optimisation of renewable energy systems. Its IoT platform, Insights Hub, enables real-time monitoring, data analytics, and predictive maintenance of renewable energy assets to improve the efficiency, reliability, and lifespan of renewable energy installations​.

Bringing together the real & digital worlds across buildings, grids and electrification, enables infrastructure that is intelligent, efficient, resilient and flexible. Connecting buildings within an entire portfolio allows organisations to use data & analytics to transform operations and optimise every aspect of the environment. 

Siemens provides sophisticated energy storage systems for grid stabilisation, renewable energy integration, and peak load management. These systems help balance supply and demand by storing excess energy generated from renewable sources and releasing it when needed. These solutions are modular and scalable.​

Creating a more sustainable future together means meeting the needs of customers and your needs. How? By offering state-of-the-art solutions that go beyond the initial charging station. Siemens’ vision incorporates your complete system covering: businesses, fleet operators, councils, etc.

Siemens’ battery management systems optimise the performance and lifespan of EV batteries, contributing to the overall sustainability of electric vehicles. These systems ensure efficient energy use and reduce the environmental impact associated with battery production and disposal​.

Siemens offers smart waste management systems that integrate sensors, data analytics, and advanced software to manage waste more efficiently. These systems track waste levels in real-time, optimise collection routes, and predict maintenance needs for waste management infrastructure. 

Technology drives Sustainability

Meet us at Transform and speak to our experts 

Innovation for the future

What technology is coming that could help you meet your goals? Siemens will introduce you to a virtual avatar that can coach you and read your emotions. You’ll see advanced 3D-printed alloys, and robotics that it’s currently developing with its University partner team and you’ll have the opportunity to strap on the latest Sony headset to experience the metaverse for yourself. 

One of the most transformative technologies of our time! Industrial AI – reliable, robust, secure, and trustworthy. AI decodes the complexity of the industrial world to help safeguard our future.

Siemens is driving the future of energy with renewable energy integration, smart grid development, energy storage, decarbonisation efforts, hydrogen technology, digitalisation, and sustainable solutions – helping to create a more sustainable, efficient, and resilient energy landscape.

Create new, sustainable growth: with new technologies that help to decarbonise manufacturing, infrastructure, and transportaion.

Technology with Purpose

Meet us at Transform and speak to our experts

Future Skills

Siemens to transform engineering workforce of the future with new industry credential program. Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced that it has created a new program to credential students and recognise career readiness, that will help create a stronger pipeline of engineering talent demanded by industry. The Siemens credentials are intended to supplement a formal degree by validating industry knowledge and skills.

One of the challenges is how to build the appropriate skills the
workforce of the future, will need. 

Reshaping the Workforce for the Future

Discover how Siemens is addressing the skills shortage 

Why you should attend

This must-attend event from our partner Siemens is designed to inspire and empower you to transform your business. 

This is your opportunity to drive innovation in your field. If you want to reduce costs, reduce downtime, improve your process, increase your competitive edge and improve your business’s quality and output – book to attend now.

For your specific requirements, talk to us.

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