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Pressure measurement and control is the most used process variable in the process control industry. Through the pressure it is possible infer a series of other process variables, like level, volume, flow and density. Monitoring pressure enables the manufacturing process to be completed safely and consistently to ensure quality products every time.

Parmley Graham have a wide range of pressure measuring instrumentation for all industries and applications. Choosing which instrument is best for your application is something that Parmley Graham instrument specialists can help with.

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Tailored to the specific requirements of your applications, Siemens pressure measurement devices provide the confidence you need in your instrumentation therefore giving confidence in your plant operation.

Siemens provide a wide range of pressure transmitters from simple basic fixed range sensors to more versatile adjustable range transmitters. The range of SITRANS P pressure transmitters is a complete range of measuring products with different levels of performance, varying load capacities and types of materials to suit all pressure applications from hygienic requirements to heavy industry in harsh conditions. Siemens SITRANS P range includes the latest model P320/P420, the first pressure transmitter with remote safety handling.

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Core Siemens Pressure Measurement Products







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Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer Piping Systems (GF) offer a unique pressure sensor with field or panel mount transmitter. The Signet Pressure sensor is designed for applications particularly where corrosion is an issue. The Signet Pressure sensors come in three pressure versions for optimal resolution and are deigned to outlast metal sensors in aggressive liquids.

GF Piping Systems offer a wide range of measurement instruments that include Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature, pH/ORP etc. Instrumentation designed for almost all applications particularly where corrosion is an issue.

The GF U1000 V2 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter: Seamless integration through non-contacting measurement. The GF U1000 V2 combines technically sophisticated measurement technology with uncomplicated mounting, impressive versatility, and minimum maintenance.
GF Piping Systems offer one of the most comprehensive valve product ranges, which enables you to find the right match for your application. Their valves are available in a wide selection of dimensions, materials, chemical resistances, standards, actuation, operation principles and pipe connections and are designed for long service life. The combination of the right valve selection and our high product quality leads to a favourable total cost of ownership.

If you need more information to select the right GF Piping Systems products for your application, send an email to our Process Instrumentation team or call us on 01914780404.

Turck Banner

The Turck Banner range of pressure products include the award-winning PS310 and 510 pressure switches/transmitters, available in ceramic or stainless steel measuring cells, with a fully paramaterisable 180˚ LED display. Their pressure ranges are fully adjustable from -1 to 0-600bar (up to 25 Bar Absolute), with thread adaptor accessories also available to suit the male & female threads available.

The PT1000 and PT2000 standard pressure sensors from Turck Banner also provide a basic solution with IO-Link, analogue outputs and switching outputs. Available from -1 to 0 Bar up to 1000bar (up to 16 Bar Absolute).

Find out more about Turck Banner Pressure Measurement products, send your enquiry by filling the form on the button below, alternatively you can email our Process Instrumentation team or call us on 01914780404.

Kobold Messring

The Kobold Messring range of pressure gauges, switches and transmitters are used in a wide variety of industries worldwide due to their reliability and their low measuring tolerances. Pressure gauges and pressure sensors are available with relative pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure.

Rototherm HNL

The Pressure switch range from Rototherm HNL is designed with safety in mind, our switches are compact in design and simply maintained and are available as ATEX certified. These switches provide excellent repeatability and long in-service life, under both continuous cycling and overload conditions, due to the mechanical restriction of diaphragm travel.

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