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Temperature Measurement

For accurate readings of temperature in your process instrumentation system, Parmley Graham has many solutions to temperature measurement. For complete accuracy and maximum safety in the control of your production temperature measurement is an essential aspect of the system. Parmley Graham provide a number of options for your configuration, from brands including Siemens, HNL Rototherm, Kobold and Georg Fischer.

At the heart of temperature measurement is often a temperature sensor in the form of RTD or Thermocouple linked to an electronic display or transmitter. Using a bimetal strip or gas/liquid filled probe will give a mechanical display on analogue gauge for local readout.

Siemens Temperature Measurements

A device for every requirement: the Siemens temperature portfolio includes sensors, transmitters for head, rail and field mounting and complete measuring points. Combine that with an entire range of communications options, giving you complete integration of field devices into your plant. Highly accurate, flexible, fully supported: SITRANS T temperature sensors and transmitters do everything you need them to.

The SITRANS TS500 is an industry temperature sensor that supports a large number of measuring tasks ranging from basic applications to solutions in harsh environments. This is made possible by the modular design, allowing to customise the sensor according to individual needs.

SITRANS TH320/420 (Head Mounted) and TR320/420 (Rail Mounted) are designed to support all common resistance thermometers and thermocouples. It also evaluates resistance and millivolt signals. Setup is quick and easy with the SIMATIC PDM or the Handheld Communicator. These have 4-20mA output, Hart protocol, Hazardous area approvals and Sil2/3 ratings.

The true reliability of the SITRANS TH420/TR420 is exemplified by the dual sensor input with 4-wire sensor connection and hot backup function. In case of a sensor failure, the transmitter seamlessly switches to the second sensor, so that the data is recorded continuously and without any loss.

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Transmitters can be mounted locally within the sensor head or alternatively a remote mounting use a rail-mounted transmitter inside the control cabinet for the same effect at an external level. To choose the right transmitter for you, see the video above.

Your temperature system may also benefit from enclosure inside a Thermowell, available in flanged, threaded or hygienic fitting available in multiple choice of material and styles for extra strength in flows and thermal resistant protection.

Core Siemens Temperature Measurement Products

TS500 Temperature Assembly

Flanged Thermowell


SITRANS TH 320-420

If you need more information in choosing the right temperature measurement tool for you, fill out the form below.

Georg Fischer

The Signet Temperature sensors are versatile sensors with the ability to outlast metal sensors in aggressive liquids and eliminate the need for costly custom thermowells. Signet Temperature sensors have one piece injection molded PVDF bodies ideal for corrosive liquids to save time and cost.

If you need more information to select the right GF Piping Systems products for your application, send an email to our Process Instrumentation team or call us on 01914780404.

Kobold Messring

Kobold offers the industry, a wide range of temperature measuring devices, temperature switches and temperature sensors, which can be permanently installed or can be used as hand tools. Kobold have temperature sensors and switches for rooms, ambient environments, liquids, gases etc. Temperature measuring instruments are available with analogue and digital readouts and operate with infrared, bimetal electrodes, RTD or thermocouple sensors.

Rototherm HNL

A range of temperature switches designed for a number of different applications and ranges including Explosive Atmospheres. The Series 700 Temperature Switches are designed to complement the extensive Series 700 Pressure and DP switches. Series 700 Temperature Switches offer accurate, reliable switching in a robust cast enclosure.

Status Instruments

STATUS INSTRUMENTS have a wide range of temperature transmitters and sensors, these include sensor probes with integral transmitter, head mount transmitters and rail mount transmitters. They can provide cost effective complete assemblies with full assembly ATEX approval if required.

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