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Training Services

Learning for every need with our Training Services.

When it comes to your training requirement, Parmley Graham is the trusted name in the UK having served many industries for over a century.

Our comprehensive training solutions are tailored to empower your team with the latest tools, techniques, and best practices to excel in today’s competitive landscape. With our access to the industry resources and network of providers, staying ahead of the competition and maximising your ROI with our industry-leading training services can take your competitive advantage to the next level.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us to speak with our experts.


Delivering the right industrial training solutions for everyone - across different industries.

Revolutionise your manufacturing operations with our tailored training programs designed to fuel productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Our expert instructors bring decades of industry experience to the table, offering comprehensive modules covering everything from cutting-edge technologies to safety protocols.

Equip your workforce with the skills to optimise production lines, minimise downtime, enhance product quality, and boost operational efficiency – from advanced machinery operation to lean manufacturing principles, our expert trainers deliver practical insights that drive tangible results.

Training Workshops

Providing the opportunity to engage directly with equipment, tools, and processes in a practical learning environment, hands-on workshops enable learners to actively apply theoretical knowledge, troubleshoot real-world challenges, and develop valuable skills through direct experience.

Although hands-on workshops provides a highly effective and engaging method for acquiring new skills and knowledge in various fields, you can also choose the traditional lectures and presentations which can be held online or offline. 

Contact our team to discuss your requirements. 

Interactive Simulation

Virtual Training Solutions not only offers you support in optimising your company’s processes and work quality, but also aims at improving your employees’ qualification. We offer training courses that can be attended in a realistic virtual environment based on augmentation and virtual reality technologies, which more quickly lead to sustainable and successful learning.

Speak to our team to discuss your requirements. 

Customised Modules

We offer training courses based on different topics and modules. Our customised module training involves tailored training programs for your workforce’s specific needs, objectives, and challenges. Whether it is product training that you need or process training such as safety, modernisation or sustainability – we got it all for you.

Talk to our team to discuss your requirements. 

Key advantages

The Parmley Graham seal of excellence: Industry knowledge + decades of expertise

With our training services, you benefit from industry knowledge combined with the long-time expertise of our service experts, available to you anytime and in the way you need it.

Successful learning

Profit from an individualised or standardised level of knowledge to ensure a sustainable learning success and continuous learning process in your company.

Expert know-how from the manufacturer

Trust our practically experienced and certified experts that offer you optimised learning content to expand your knowledge and skills.

Tailored to every need

Benefit from the latest training methods and technologies suited for every content and every type of learner.

We are Siemens trusted and approved distribution partner.

As a Value Added Reseller in Siemens’ Approved Partner network, Parmley Graham are a proven supplier of a wide range of quality products in the UK and globally. 

Find out more how this will benefit you or check Siemens Configurator.

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