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Engineering Efficiency

Efficient Engineering in Automation.

Boost your efficiency in machine development – that’s the most powerful lever for driving innovations forward and increasing your competitive edge in rapidly changing markets. Your engineers can make the most of their potential, work together between disciplines, and develop innovative machine concepts more quickly.

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Take your automation to the next level.

Allow your engineering team have the capacity to implement a new, large order at any time – even extensive adjustments to a new machine requested by your customer. When you improve your efficiency in engineering, you can secure competitive advantages in global competition.

Your paths to greater efficiency – a central engineering framework

Counter the shortage of skilled labor and take the burden of repetitive, time-consuming tasks off your engineering team. How? With a standardised engineering framework and automated processes to enable your team to deliver the best possible results.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

To keep pace with new technologies and innovations, collaboration within and between teams is a constant challenge – a challenge which must be met if effortless, parallel development is to be achieved. Multiuser engineering in TIA Portal takes the place of traditional engineering in which tasks are worked through in sequence. Instead, several engineers can work in parallel on a single project without having to wait for other tasks to be completed. The project is located centrally on a server, and can be worked on locally by any team member. Libraries speed up development even further, and the effort of coordination from the planning to the engineering phase can be significantly reduced.


New technologies are making machines increasingly complex, and the machines have to be developed and produced in shorter timeframes. Without standardisation, every machine must be thoroughly redeveloped from the ground up. The result is a very long development time and a high level of complexity. A modularisation concept for the machine reduces both the complexity and the development time. This breaks the machine down into meaningful and reusable modules, which are then developed. These individual modules have a standardised interface and standardised performance. That means these modules can be independently used in different machines.

Automated engineering

Automated engineering enables development time to be drastically reduced by cutting down the number of potential errors during the design process. That frees up time which your teams can use for innovative engineering tasks – extra motivation for highly qualified engineers. You can start by automating repeated tasks and then scale up to a fully automated development process to suit your preferences. Using TIA Portal you can generate PLC code, HMI visualisations, and modules for complex movement solutions automatically.

Improve software quality

Machine development cycles are growing shorter and shorter, but software quality must remain high. This is possible by using a standardised programming guide with naming conventions, comments, etc., which improves readability and code management. A function test should also be a key element in the development process, in order to achieve maximum software quality. Based on the module specification, application or unit tests are written while development is still in progress, in order to identify errors at an early stage. In addition, the software can be developed and tested in parallel thanks to the principle of continuous integration based on individual modules.

Open engineering framework

You don’t need a whole raft of different tools to benefit from all the advantages of efficient engineering. Just one will do: TIA Portal. This covers all phases of your machine’s product lifecycle, from design to servicing. As an all-in-one tool, however, it does not restrict you when you need specific functions. Using TIA Portal add-ins, you can automate manual tasks and integrate additional functions, both prefabricated and those you have created. For example, if you want to exchange data with other tools or applications directly via a TIA Portal object.

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Key advantages

Benefit from efficient engineering in automation.


With your existing engineering team, you can respond quickly to new market demands by applying agile development methods and collaborative approaches to shorten your time-to-market and draw on standardized components.

Save time

Cut down on repetitive tasks in favor of creative, innovative work by automating everything that can be automated. Invest free time in training and innovation.


Take the load off your engineering team with integrated libraries and versioning. Validation in a virtual environment helps you identify development errors at an early stage and avoid them.


Benefit quickly from new technologies and integrate innovations into your solution. At the same time you can provide reliable protection against cyber attacks.

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