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Predictive Maintenance

Identify machine failures before they occur.

Downtime is expensive, especially if it’s unplanned. With Predictive Maintenance, you can see into the future – thanks to the accumulated expertise of our service experts in combination with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence. You can also avoid unpleasant surprises through optimised maintenance planning.

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Boost your plant’s productivity and avoid downtimes.

The availability of machines and plants is a basic prerequisite for productivity. To keep unplanned downtime to a minimum, potential sources of error must be identified early on by continuously monitoring the condition of each individual component. An evaluation of the data generated by machines makes it possible to detect and treat wear and imminent defects ahead of time. You can then schedule maintenance based on a machine’s actual condition and get the most out of your machines’ service life.

Look beyond single assets and production lines for scalable and sustainable asset intelligence to achieve:

Counter the shortage of skilled labor and take the burden of repetitive, time-consuming tasks off your engineering team. How? With a standardised engineering framework and automated processes to enable your team to deliver the best possible results.

Improvement in downtime forecasting

Reduction in unplanned machine downtime

Increase in maintenance staff productivity

Reduction in maintenance costs

SIEMENS Senseye Predictive Maintenance

Automate the future analysis of any and every kind of machine.

Siemens’ Senseye Predictive Maintenance enables asset intelligence across your plants without the need for manual analysis. It helps manufacturers increase productivity, work more sustainably, and accelerate digital transformation across their entire organisation.

Combining leading AI with human insights, the platform automatically generates machine and maintainer behaviour models to help direct your attention and expertise to where it’s needed most. It also integrates with any asset, system, or data source, using data you already collect or with newly installed sensors as part of a complete package.

Monitor all your assets at a glance

Built from the ground-up using sophisticated Artificial intelligence, Senseye Predictive Maintenance is for organisations that need to be confident in the current and future condition of their fleets of machines.

Machinery in production environments needs to be maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance. Predictive maintenance (PdM) uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automatically interpret industrial machines’ condition now and in the future, with the ultimate goal of saving operational and maintenance expenses.


How does Senseye Predictive Maintenance work?

Senseye Predictive Maintenance software is a cloud-based platform capable of processing vast volumes of data. Currently more than 1 million machine-related data points per minute across thousands of different machine types globally. Designed to integrate seamlessly and provide maximum value, the platform achieves 85% improvement in downtime forecasting accuracy through machine health diagnostics and prognostics.

Powered by knowledge and expertise

Senseye Predictive Maintenance is built from decades of experience in condition monitoring, which we’ve infused into the AI that powers the platform. Not only does it know what to look for, but it continuously learns from your machine’s and maintenance team’s unique behaviour. With access to our dedicated team, we’re here to guide you on your unique predictive maintenance journey.

Unparalleled scalability

Manually developing custom models for each type of machine is time-consuming. Senseye Predictive Maintenance uses machine learning approaches to do this automatically without user intervention, so you can rapidly apply predictive maintenance to thousands of devices across multiple sites at scale. It can use data already collected by your control systems or through retrofitted sensors to ensure that you’re maximising your existing investments.

Maintainer focused

Senseye Predictive Maintenance can be used directly by maintainers working remotely or on the shop floor. It’s the only predictive maintenance application to build models of the machine and user behaviour, ensuring users get the insights they want, when they want it, on desktop or mobile, and in a modern, easy to use interface. This approach allows our AI to work collaboratively with your maintenance team, enhancing knowledge and expertise.

Integrate with any asset or data source

Finding software and hardware that is compatible can be challenging. Senseye Predictive Maintenance integrates with any asset, system or data source, using data you already collect or with newly installed sensors as part of a complete package. The easy-to-use software combines data sources and human insights to help direct your attention and expertise to where it’s needed most.

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Key benefits

Why choose Senseye Predictive Maintenance?

Senseye Predictive Maintenance is more than just technology. It can also drive significant business outcomes and accelerate digital transformation throughout your organisation.

With its proven deployment methodology, Senseye Predictive Maintenance ensures the benefits of plant-wide asset intelligence can be achieved quickly.

Unplanned machine downtime can contribute up to 24% of costs to modern industrial production while causing damage to reputation, efficiency, the environment, and the bottom line. With most maintenance work being categorised as ‘crisis work’ to fix breakdowns, the losses quickly add up through labor, raw materials, and lost potential product sold. Over 80% of companies say that solving this problem is a priority.

And that’s exactly what Senseye Predictive Maintenance does. Using AI-powered algorithms developed from the ground up to learn normal machine and maintainer behaviour, the platform diagnoses immediate and upcoming issues, allowing you to maintain before failure and avoid production stoppages, emergency work, and extra shifts.

In view of skyrocketing energy costs and difficult resource availability, a focus on safe and sustainable operations is essential for cost reasons alone. Sustainability in manufacturing means ensuring that production assets are operating at peak efficiency, without wasting energy, damaging the environment, or enlarging your carbon footprint. Finding ways to continually measure and demonstrate this is business critical.

Senseye Predictive Maintenance is designed to help you target and improve sustainability metrics by detecting machine degradation and predicting machine health issues early on. This reduces the need for manual inspections and the travel they require, extends asset lifetime, and reduces waste and spoilage from malfunctioning machines.
And that’s exactly what Senseye Predictive Maintenance does. Using AI-powered algorithms developed from the ground up to learn normal machine and maintainer behaviour, the platform diagnoses immediate and upcoming issues, allowing you to maintain before failure and avoid production stoppages, emergency work, and extra shifts.

Checking for problems that aren’t there and maintaining things that don’t need it is a waste of time and resources that can even become counterproductive: Up to 80% of machine failures can trace their origin to human intervention, and planned maintenance and inspection can introduce failures in machines that are otherwise healthy.

Senseye Predictive Maintenance helps you use your resources more efficiently and only target the machines showing signs of reduced health. Automatically monitoring your machines, Senseye Predictive Maintenance enables your teams to focus only on what matters at the best time, puts an end to costly over-maintenance, and eliminates the need for inefficient spot checks and random sampling.

On-site monitoring of thousands of assets is time-consuming and inefficient, and it introduces unwanted risks and costs. It also requires a large workforce to commute, which increases a company’s carbon footprint.

As a cloud-based platform, Senseye Predictive Maintenance reduces this burden by making it possible to monitor the health of thousands of assets automatically from anywhere in the world. Its purpose-built AI is constantly watching your machines for issues and provides all the analysis you need to make confident maintenance decisions. It can be accessed via any web browser on any mobile device, which means that inspections can take place anytime, anywhere, freeing up valuable time and encouraging a more proactive approach to maintenance.

Industrial operations are inherently risky, with costs of unplanned downtime alone able to reach well over $100,000 per hour. Additionally, machinery malfunction from wear or improper inspection can result in pollutants or other waste finding their way into drains and waterways. But risk shouldn’t be met with inefficiencies that quickly become the norm. In view of ever-inflating costs, the saying that “over-maintenance is cheaper than failure” is quickly being disproved.

Senseye Predictive Maintenance automatically directs your maintenance teams to problems ahead of time, reducing unplanned downtime, the need for manual inspections, and overloaded spares inventory. With a clearer view of current and potential future risks, you can cut machine maintenance costs by up to 40%.

Industry applications

Predictive maintenance for any industry: Unlocking opportunities with Senseye Predictive Maintenance

Senseye Predictive Maintenance is trusted by world-leading companies. It helps improve maintenance efficiency by up to 55% and reduce unplanned downtime by up to 50%, across the world and in multiple industries.

With our proven, scalable, and trusted predictive maintenance system, we support businesses around the world in every industry and of every size as they embark on their predictive maintenance journey.

Automotive Industry

Tight margins and complex supply chains necessitate constant process optimisation for efficiency. Despite advances in production methods, maintenance strategies have stayed mostly the same. The breakdown of even low-cost assets can result in significant financial losses, making it crucial to quickly identify and prioritise key assets for attention..

Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry operates on low margins, requiring high-volume, quality production with little room for error. Smart machines generate valuable data for automated condition monitoring, which, when leveraged through Senseye Predictive Maintenance, can further enhance production cost-efficiency.

Metals & Mining Industry

In the metals and mining sector, equipment is designed for harsh conditions but still faces costly, unexpected breakdowns, exacerbated by remote, challenging locations. The digitalisation of assets generates abundant data that supports automated predictive analytics without needing extra sensors. Utilising this data with Senseye Predictive Maintenance can unlock cost efficiencies and optimisation.

Equipment-as-a-service (EaaS) industry

Successful servitisation relies on scalable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, like what Senseye Predictive Maintenance offers. This allows OEMs to develop new Product-As-a-Service offerings and optimise maintenance resources. By automatically analysing machine needs globally, Senseye enables proactive repairs, ensuring high quality, throughput, and uptime for end users.

Pulp and Paper industry

Predictive Maintenance uses machine learning to streamline asset management in large-scale pulp and paper factories, reducing unplanned downtime and resource use to boost productivity and profitability.

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Discover how Senseye Predictive Maintenance can help you make significant operational and maintenance savings. Your machine health consultation will be with one of our predictive maintenance experts who will look to understand your current maintenance approach, start a process of goal discovery with an explanation of potential next steps, and give you an overview of the Senseye Predictive Maintenance approach.

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