Virtual Commissioning

Utilise the Digital Enterprise Suite for a world of technology and time/cost-saving measures

The world of Virtual Commissioning encompasses an array of innovative technologies developed by Siemens Digital Industries, used to create digital concepts for complex machine builds and test their functionality before bringing the design to life in the real world. The virtual commissioning approach makes it possible to experiment with more creative designs, and reduce both commissioning time and potential cost by eliminating the risk of building an untested concept.

At the heart of virtual commissioning is a Digital Twin, a CAD (computer-aided design) made in software such as MCD (NX Mechatronics Concept Design) which replicates the design of the machine that you want to build for your workplace. This allows engineers to make a detailed concept for their complex machinery, but also allows the machine to be virtually tested using highly accurate and advanced simulation software.

Once the machine has been built to the specifications of its Digital Twin, the CAD can then be updated with any future design updates that the machine requires, developing the core concept to its proven potential before carrying out any construction. MCD software is constantly updated to keep the software as modern as possible.

We are always happy to arrange a remote meeting with your business to showcase a Digital Twin of a real-world machine within MCD software, whilst its physical counterpart is housed at the Siemens Industry 4.0 Centre in Manchester.

Within the portfolio of Virtual Commissioning from Siemens, we are able to provide solutions including:

➤ Simcenter Amesim – The integrated, scalable system simulation platform for virtual assessment and optimisation the performance of mechatronic systems.
➤ Siemens NX: MCD – Mechatronics Concept Design software used to create a Digital Twin of custom machinery inside the Siemens NX software package.
➤ SIMIT – Tecnomatix Process Simulate – Cell/Line software used to optimise robotics and automation simulations, and test your systems before building.
➤ PLCSim Advanced – Tecnomatix Plant Simulation – Optimise production logistics and material flow for the entire plant with PLCSim Advanced functionality.

For more information on each area, take a look at the overview pages below, or reach out to our team directly with any questions you have.


Discover Virtual Commissioning

Machine Components - Amesim
Machine Components - Amesim
Kinematic Machines - Mechatronic Concept Designer
Kinematic Machines - Mechatronic Concept Designer
Production Cells or Lines  - Process Simulate
Production Cells or Lines - Process Simulate
Production Plants - Plant Simulation
Production Plants - Plant Simulation

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