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Robotics automation to take centerstage at Siemens Transform 2024

Parmley Graham is excited to showcase an impressive demonstration of advanced robot integration capabilities at Siemens Transform 2024. This forms part of other interesting showcases across the 2 days including Sustainability, Cyber Security, Digitalisation and the Future of Innovation and more.

Featuring the synergy between Stäubli industrial robots and the SIMATIC Robot Integrator, this integration exemplifies the future of automation. It highlights how cutting-edge technologies can be seamlessly combined and utilised to develop and easily integrate robotics and automation systems without the complex, time-consuming and costly process.

Parmley Graham will demonstrate this solution first-hand, showing the benefits of integrating Stäubli’s renowned robotics with Siemens’ versatile SIMATIC Robot Integrator.

Stäubli robots are celebrated for their precision, speed, and reliability, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. 

Siemens, Staübli and Parmley Graham collaborated to develop this demo aimed for variety of applications, including complex assembly tasks and intricate material handling processes. The Siemens SIMATIC Robot Integrator provides a user-friendly interface, making programming and operational management straightforward even for those with limited experience in robotics. This integration is also capable of providing real-time data analytics and diagnostics, enabling proactive maintenance and minimising downtime, thus boosting overall productivity.

One of the key highlights of SIMATIC Robot Integrator is the system’s scalability and ease of integration with robots from different manufacturers with different default setups. Parmley Graham believes that this solution will enable businesses to expand their automation capabilities without substantial overhauls, ensuring a smooth transition and significant return on investment.

The combination of Stäubli’s high-performance robots with Siemens’ robust control platform offers a comprehensive solution that can adapt to evolving manufacturing demands.

Parmley Graham Robotics Solutions leverages seamless connectivity and interoperability between robotics and automation systems using Siemens SIMATIC technology. The integration facilitates smooth data exchange and coordination within the manufacturing environment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Moreover, the pre-configured libraries and functions specific to Stäubli robots significantly reduce the time and effort required for setup, streamlining the integration process.

Transform 2024 is expected to attract significant attendance from industry professionals, eager to witness Siemens’ latest and futuristic technological innovation including its cutting-edge robotics and automation technology.

User-Friendly Interface

The SIMATIC Robot Integrator offers an intuitive graphical interface that simplifies the programming and configuration process. This makes it accessible even for users with limited experience in robot programming.

Seamless Connectivity

Siemens SIMATIC provides robust connectivity options, allowing for easy communication between Stäubli robots and other automation systems. This ensures smooth data exchange and coordination within the manufacturing setup.

Pre-configured Libraries and Functions

The integrator comes with SIMATIC Robot Library acapable of speaking different robotics language. These pre-built components streamline the integration process, reducing the time and effort required for setup.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Tools

Siemens SIMATIC Robot Integrator comes with TIA Portal function for comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring tools, enabling users to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise during integration. This enhances system reliability and reduces downtime.

Flexible Programming

The SIMATIC Robot Integrator supports various programming languages and methods, allowing users to choose the most suitable approach for their specific application. This flexibility ensures that the integration can meet diverse manufacturing needs.


The system is scalable, making it easy to expand and adapt as manufacturing requirements evolve. This scalability ensures that the integration can grow with the business, accommodating increased production demands.

Support and Documentation

Siemens provides extensive support and documentation, including tutorials, manuals, and customer service, to assist users throughout the integration process. This support helps users overcome challenges and ensures a smooth implementation.

Standard Compliance

The integration solution complies with industry standards, ensuring compatibility and future-proofing the manufacturing setup.

Overall, the integration of Stäubli robots using Siemens SIMATIC Robot Integrator is designed to be efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable, providing manufacturers with a powerful tool to enhance automation and productivity in their operations.

To see the demo in action, visit Transform 2024 on 17-18 of July at Manchester Central.

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