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Efficient Motion Control

A unique engineering framework for easy motion control and the integration of kinematics solutions.

The need for faster time-to-market, increased functionality and reduced complexity, and demands for safety and sustainability are major challenges for machine builders. Efficient motion control helps you build innovative machines faster and without costly prototyping, so you can more easily meet your customers’ needs.

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Siemens TIA Portal Webinar Series 2

Efficient Motion Control: Easy Control of Kinematics

4th June 2024 | 10:00 am UK


Implement innovative motion control solutions simply, quickly and safely.

Machines are becoming more complex, and the motion control and kinematics capabilities of machines and lines are increasing dramatically. Moreover, the time to market for new solutions is getting ever shorter. To build flexible, high-performance motion-control solutions that can be efficiently engineered, easy to operate, and flexibly adapted to new requirements, companies need to turn to tools that help them make better use of available resources.

With solutions for efficient motion control – turn challenges into success!

Increased flexibility

Increase your flexibility in motion control projects with modular, standardised, and user-friendly engineering and operation.


Accelerate the time to market of your machines through parallelisation and virtualisation of work routines.


Test and validate applications in a virtual environment without hardware or physical prototypes.



Ensure maximum machine and operator safety while maintaining productivity and flexibility.

Industry challenges

Understanding and overcoming technological, organisational and operational challenges.

A shortage of skilled workforce, time and innovation pressures, and stringent safety requirements are challenging machine builders. With robots becoming increasingly important in industry and driving demand for innovative motion control solutions, can you reliably meet these demands quickly and safely?



Megatrends impacting machine builders.

Absence of experts to offer comprehensive maintenance and engineering of production systems. In the manufacturing sector, 80% of employers say they are struggling to find people with the right skills to fill their job openings. There has been an increase in the need for people with skills in automation, robotics, and IoT (Internet of Things), with many current and experienced manufacturing workers not seeing the benefit of learning these skills.

Establish efficient processes that enable parallel engineering, simulation and testing.

To bring new machines to the market faster, OEMs must establish efficient processes that enable parallel engineering, simulation and testing solutions, including motion control.

Digitalisation and virtualisation are key in this respect. Moreover, machines and solutions must be commissioned as quickly and efficiently as possible, both during the initial setup and following modifications and revamps. One critical aspect in this regard is the integration of kinematics systems, where OEMs need to find flexible solutions that reduce the time and effort spent. 

The complexity of the kinematics and motion control capabilities of machines and lines are increasing drastically. To be able to change product properties such as format changes during production, manufacturers need flexible machines that are easily adjustable on-site. They also need to be able to integrate different kinematic systems or robot vendors into the production machine or line. At the same time, they demand solutions that reduce maintenance time and service expenses.

The rising level of complexity and the demand for highly productive and high-speed production may come at an increased risk for both equipment and operator safety. With the available space in the production environment becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, machines need to be equipped with safety systems that ensure maximum protection for machines and operators yet are compact and can be set up efficiently. 

Why is Motion Control sometimes difficult?

The market for single and coordinated axes is far from simple as there are multiple different motion control system components and solutions available in the industry, which can make optimisation challenging, and implementing solutions risky and costly. As a result, building a production line efficiently, where different systems work together, can be extremely difficult.

Machine builders are always being challenged to modernise machine concepts and realise new production approaches to meet the demand of industry, with batch sizes of one and consumer demand for individualisation and a faster time delivery. However, it can be difficult to imagine and program complex movements. Sophisticated motion often requires specialist technology and specialist knowledge – for example, it can be difficult to realise more intricate movements between coordinated axes without simulation – which can be complicated and time-consuming for engineers without the right tools.

The trick is to look for a seamlessly integrated motion control solution that can simplify build, engineering, and execution.

SIMATIC Motion Control

Helping you build innovative machines faster and without costly prototyping, so you can more easily meet your customers' needs.

SIMATIC Motion Control is the simple solution to sophisticated challenges in the motion control of modern machines or plants. Siemens’ flexibly scalable automation solutions with seamlessly integrated safety functions and efficient engineering in TIA Portal allow you to quickly implement your innovative machines and plants.

Efficient Motion Control components


SINAMICS Servo Drives

SINAMICS Servo Drives are designed to be cost-effective, fast, and easy to use while operating complex applications without specific drive know-how or additional engineering tools. The drives concentrate on both hardware and functionality ensuring ruggedness and reduced investment cost. The operation allows highly dynamic movement of minimal loads and ultra-precise movement of medium and high loads.

Basic Controllers

Compact controllers for simple applications

SIMATIC S7-1200 is the smart choice for compact automation solutions with integrated communication and technology functions. They’re available in standard and fail-safe versions.

Advanced Controllers

High-performance controllers for average and complex applications

SIMATIC S7-1500 automates both complete production plants and applications with the highest demands on performance, flexibility and connectivity.

Technology Controllers

Extended motion control functionality

Technology CPUs are scalable in performance, memory and quantity structure. They come with an extended scope of motion control functionality larger memory for standard, motion control and failsafe applications as well as future-proof communication with OPC UA and PROFINET.

Distributed Controllers

For series machines with limited space and with distributed architecture

Due to their compact design, Distributed Controllers are particularly suitable for the manufacture of series machines. They can be mounted directly on the machine in small control boxes.

Handling System

Check out our handling systems for a huge range of applications in handling and assembly technology. From standard solutions for all common automation technology applications through to customised solutions for your own very specific requirements.

If you have a specific requirement or if you want to find out more about our Efficient Motion Control solutions, please contact us and speak with our experts.

Ways to make Motion Control more efficient.

In motion control, technologies operating on multiple different axes can be coordinated at the same time to move loads to specific positions at specific times, saving precious minutes in production time. Single and coordinated axes can be found in applications such as mixers, conveyors, indexing flying sheers, rotary knife, and palletising, to name a few. 

Axes offer flexibility and versatility in motion range and control, making them a key part of many production lines. With the global market for motion control rising rapidly – with one report predicting that the industry will see a CAGR of 5.5% by 2026 – it is more important than ever to optimise the use of single and coordinated axes to maximise productivity.

Get started

Start your Efficient Motion Control with SIMATIC Ready-to-Use (R2U) Application.

Cut down on repetitive tasks in favor of creative, innovative work by using R2U applications for SIMATIC PLCs. Time-saving, user-friendly and highly efficient – helps reduce the programming complexity and development time.

Find out more about SIMATIC Read-to-Use Applications.

Get started and activate your 21-day FREE Trial

Key advantages

Benefits of an integrated Motion Control solution

An integrated motion control solution provides efficient engineering by consolidating motion control into one single standardised engineering platform – the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal.

Benefits of this approach include:


Easy and fast adjustment of your application towards higher motion control requirements regarding function and performance.​


A fast start open protocols and programming blocks, wrapped up with ready-to-use application examples, enabling a simplified set-up for your specific application requirements. Using standard application examples can help to simplify complex motion and axes relations.​​


A seamless integrated motion control system solution in one engineering tool naturally provides engineering efficiency.​​​


Integrated motion control systems offer comprehensive and flexible options for full customisation and scalability, including fully integrated safety functionality and diagnostics.​

Intuitive Design

Simplify motion control task engineering thanks to integrated technology objects and an intuitive operation with guided user interfaces (GUI).​

Ultimately, customers that use system-integrated motion control solutions stand to gain greater flexibility and faster time-to-market by investing in a centralised way of managing multi-axes motion.

What does efficient control of single and coordinated axes look like?

A streamlined, efficient, end-to-end solution is key for simplifying production. With so many components and solutions available, it can be easy to add complexity to your operations without needing to.

Siemens motion control provides a single, flexible, and standardised solution for single and coordinated axes management.

Its scalable motion control hardware portfolio, with fully integrated safety functions, including controller, communication, drives and motors, provides one single platform which supports a standardised and efficient environment for engineering.

Technology objects for motion control are integrated in every Siemens PLC to deliver comprehensive engineering functionality. This includes gearing and camming axes (with intuitive guided graphical user interfaces); cam editor to intuitively program relations between leading and following axes; and trace for the diagnosis of application behaviour. And, with predefined standard application examples to help configure axes and simplify axes relations, it’s incredibly easy to get up and running – as well as to adjust the system to meet your requirements.

This functionality is delivered through the TIA Portal – an easy-to-use, single engineering tool for all automation, motion control, and safety tasks.

The result is an efficient, seamless, end-to-end solution for single and coordinated axes engineering and management. The combination of complete flexibility with predefined structure and control means that even the most complex motion requirements can be easily configured, adjusted, and monitored without the headache of multi-vendor engineering platforms or needing to invest in additional specialist tools or engineering expertise.

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