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Distributed frequency converters for conveyor technology

The distributed system approach allows motors to be controlled close to the actual application, reduces the number of motor cables, improves electromagnetic compatibility and reduces thermal losses. SINAMICS distributed frequency converters rely on proven technology and are ideally suited for intralogistics, airports and every other environment where long distances and space have to be considered.


SINAMICS G115D is a combination of gearbox, motor and frequency converter in one drive system. Versatile. Rugged. Distributed.

Innovative system solutions for horizontal motion applications. The new SINAMICS G115D is a powerful drive system that has been specifically designed to address current and future challenges involving horizontal conveyor applications. Typical applications include intralogistics and airports.


Wherever a decentralised, communication-capable drive is required, the SINAMICS G120D frequency converter with positioning capability comes into its own.

The SINAMICS G120D distributed frequency converter is your specialist for demanding horizontal and vertical control applications, from conveyor systems to electric monorails. Thanks to its positioning capability, extended safety functions, and fail-safe digital inputs and outputs, it masters any challenge. And it does it efficiently and sustainably with energy recovery and support of PROFIenergy.

Build innovative machines faster without costly prototyping with Efficient Motion Control.

With Effective Motion Control, machine builders can easily overcome major challenges and enable faster time-to-market, increased functionality, resolve complex system requirements, and demands for safety and sustainability. 

We are Siemens trusted and approved distribution partner.

As a Value Added Reseller in Siemens’ Approved Partner network, Parmley Graham are a proven supplier of a wide range of quality products in the UK and globally. 

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