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Festo Simplified Motion Series

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The Simplified Motion Series consists of a mechanical axis, integrated motor, controller and simple light-up display. These actuators are used for simple end-to-end motion and allow easy speed and force control via the integrated feedback without software or programming knowledge. This makes the range ideal for simple motion and clamping applications. Take a look at the video below to see just how simple this is!

Product Range

If you’d like to understand which Simplified Motion Series products would best suit your application, speak with our team and we’ll help you work out the ideal solution. Some of the most widely used products in the range include:


  • Spindle axis and toothed belt axis ELGS – Extremely compact and cost-effective spindle axis ELGS-BS with precise, resilient recirculating ball bearing guide for the slide and powerful ball screw drive.
  • Mini slide EGSS – Cost-effective and resilient EGSS with smooth spindle operation for vertical Z-movements or individual, guided linear movements in every mounting position.
  • Electric cylinder EPCS – Suitable for single linear movements in every mounting position and its smoothly running ball screw drive allows precise and rapid positioning. Ideally suited for applications such as positioning or clamping, distribution, sorting, and in handling systems as a simple Z-axis.
  • Toothed belt axis ELGE – Offers good running performance thanks to its recirculating ball bearing guide ELGE-TB. A cost-optimised design, it is an ideal and economical choice for very simple tasks with comparatively low requirements for mechanical load, dynamic response and precision, as well as for the environment.
  • Rotary drive ERMS – Ideal for simple swivel tasks as well as for increased mechanical loads. It has a rotary plate with sturdy, precise and backlash-free ball bearings so it can absorb transverse loads and torques.


Application examples

But what are some genuine use cases for the Simplified Motion Series, and which components are needed to make this happen? Of the 12 application examples below, almost every single one can be completed with just a single integrated drive and shows how easily these electromechanical devices can serve a real-world purpose straight out of the box. Take a look through the videos to see what the Simplified Motion Series can do!

Stopping (ERMS)

Stopping & Clamping (ERMS)

Positioning (EPCS)

Sorting (ELGS)

Sorting by Switch: Rotary Module (ERMS)

Sorting by Switch: Cylinder (EPCS)

Door Opener – Machine Tool (ELGS)

Door Opener – Vertical (EPCS)

Pressing (EGSS)

Lifting (ELGS, EGSS)

Transfer – Horizontal (ELGS)

Transfer – Over the Edge (EPCS, ERMS)


Thanks to the Simplified Motion Series, the commissioning process becomes quick and easy, without requiring any additional software or hardware, with all parameters being set directly on the drive. Your device can then connect straight to the PLC via Digital I/O or IO-Link®, both of which are integrated as standard.

This means that Simplified Motion Series offers a variety of movements with different systems, eliminates the need for a control cabinet, and provides quick and easy commissioning that should prove very easy to learn – and the Parmley Graham team will always be available to answer any questions that you do have!

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