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Food and Beverage

Enhanced efficiency, quality and safety for food and beverage operations whilst catering for evolving consumer demands and sustainability goals.

To meet individual customer requests quickly and in the highest quality, the food and beverage industry relies on maximum flexibility and productivity. At the same time, sustainability is an important factor in the industry’s success. With digital solutions we help you to master the digital transformation in production, buildings and infrastructure and to achieve a sustainable energy transition.


Delivering solutions as key driver of efficiency, quality, and competitiveness

Enabling our clients meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market while maintaining product safety and consistency.

Tap new optimisation potential in buildings and production facilities as well as in power supply in the food and beverage industry. From research and development to automation, logistics, power supply, and building management, we help you produce high-quality food while also boosting your productivity and sustainability.

We help develop solutions that streamlines production processes, reducing manual labor and increasing the speed of manufacturing. This results in higher output and reduced production times.
Developing systems that can precisely control ingredients, temperatures, and production parameters, leading to consistent product quality and reduced variations.
Cost Reduction

Minimising labor costs, reducing waste, and optimising resource consumption, leading to significant cost savings for manufacturers.

Reducing the risk of food contamination and human errors, making food production safer and more reliable. Automated quality control systems can detect defects or anomalies in real time.
Easily scaling production capacity up or down to meet changing demand without the need for significant manual adjustments or reconfiguration.
Helping enable manufacturers to offer more customised products to meet consumer demands for personalised food and beverages.
Enabling robust tracking and traceability features, which are critical for ensuring product safety and compliance with regulatory standards.
Optimising resource usage, reduce energy consumption, and minimise waste, making food and beverage production more environmentally friendly.
Generating vast amounts of data that can be used for analytics, allowing manufacturers to make data-driven decisions, improve processes, and predict maintenance needs.
Market Adaptability
Enabling manufacturers quickly adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences, ensuring they stay competitive in a dynamic industry.

Processes used in Food & Beverage manufacturing

Process Instrumentation

Enabling efficient and safe monitoring, control and measurement of industrial processes through tools, devices and sensors.

Motion Control

Ensuring precision, accuracy and efficiency  in managing and regulating the movement of machinery and equipment.

Materials Handling

Ensuring precision, accuracy and efficiency  in managing and regulating the movement of machinery and equipment.

Predictive Maintenance

Minimising unplanned downtimes using data sensors and analytics to predict eminent equipment and machinery failures.

Build innovative machines faster without costly prototyping with Efficient Motion Control.

With Effective Motion Control, machine builders can easily overcome major challenges and enable faster time-to-market, increased functionality, resolve complex system requirements, and demands for safety and sustainability. 

We are Siemens trusted and approved distribution partner.

As a Value Added Reseller in Siemens’ Approved Partner network, Parmley Graham are a proven supplier of a wide range of quality products in the UK and globally. 

Find out more how this will benefit you or check Siemens Configurator.

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