Pro 2 Power Supply

  1. Up to 96 % efficiency
  2. Fit for digitisation via the communication module
  3. Versatile configuration options
  4. Fast and reliable tripping of miniature circuit breakers thanks to temporary output currents up to 600 %
  5. Quick charging of capacitors and fast switching of contactors thanks to output currents of up to 150 % for five seconds
  6. Extended temperature range: −40 … +70°C

WAGO Eco 2 Power Supply with Push-in Technology and Lever Connection

  1. Integrated, tool-free lever-actuated push-in connection technology
  2. Slim design, high efficiency, good price/performance ratio
  3. Reliability, long service life (high MTBF)
  4. Quick, easy, maintenance- and tool-free connection technology

Compact Power Supply

  1. Wide input voltage range for use internationally: 85 … 264 VAC
  2. Mounting on DIN-rail and flexible installation via screw-mount clips (optional) – perfect for every application
  3. Push-in CAGE CLAMP® Connection Technology (optional): maintenance-free and time-saving
  4. Improved cooling due to a removable front plate: ideal for alternative mounting positions
  5. Dimensions per DIN 43880: suitable for installation in distribution and meter boards


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Power Supply Pro 2
Power Supply Pro 2
Eco Power
Eco Power

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