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Kobold Messring GmbH

Kobold Messring GmbH

Kobold Messring GmbH (simply Kobold for short) is a leading company in the field of industrial measuring and control equipment covering flow, pressure, level and temperature measurement.

They have a comprehensive portfolio of industrial measuring and control equipment, which can be installed and used in various industrial production plants worldwide. With quality German products supplied across the United Kingdom by Parmley Graham, the Kobold range can meet the high standards required in industry today.

Flow Measurement

Flow Meters, Flow Controllers, Flow Switches and Flow Sensors

Kobold has developed a series of flow sensors and flow meters that can be optimized for a wide range of liquids, gases, and flow rates. The flow sensors are made from a wide variety of materials with different measuring principles, which can be used to in a wide variety of applications. Thus, the right solution can be found for every application area.


Level Measurement

Level Switches or Continuous Level Measurement

Float switches from Kobold work extremely reliably within a defined tolerance range. Level indicators and level sensors can be adapted to a wide range of liquids and environments, including environments with heavily polluted fluids. With a wide selection of materials available for level sensors and level switches, level measurement is possible in many applications.


Pressure Measurement

Pressure Gauges, Pressure Sensors and Pressure Switches

Kobold range of pressure gauges, switches and transmitters are used in a wide variety of industries worldwide due to their reliability and their low measuring tolerances. Pressure gauges and pressure sensors are available with relative pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure.


Temperature Measurement

Temperature Switches, Temperature Sensors and IR Thermometers

Kobold offers the industry, a wide range of temperature measuring devices, temperature switches and temperature sensors, which can be permanently installed or can be used as hand tools. Kobold have temperature sensors and switches for rooms, ambient environments, liquids, gases etc. Temperature measuring instruments are available with analogue and digital readouts and operate with infrared, bimetal electrodes, RTD or thermocouple sensors.


Analytical Products

pH /ORP, Conductivity, Humidity and Turbidity Measurement

Kobold has a range of pH/ORP, Conductivity and Humidity sensors for room, handheld or industrial installation. Turbidity measurement using inline installation.


If you need more information to select the right Kobold products for your application, send an email to our Process Instrumentation team or call us on 01914780404.


Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?