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Pharmaceutical and Life Science

Leverage the power of Siemens Xcelerator for research, production and buildings to win the race against time.

Digitalisation and automation are the game changers for pharmaceutical and life science industries. Reducing time to market and improving quality becomes possible by using state-of-the-art software and hardware in ideal work environments.

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The main challenges in the pharma and life science sector​.

The landscape of the pharma and life science sector is evolving rapidly. Life science companies are transitioning to a sustainable future. The life science industry must respond to the growing climate emergency by practicing primary prevention and radically reducing its own emissions. As a result, sustainability plays a crucial role in the strategic vision of life science companies.

Staying ahead requires rethinking of traditional approaches to remain competitive on a global scale while facing the challenges of digitalisation & IoT, time to market, accelerating energy efficiency, sustainability and many more.

Holistic digital transformation drives your business outcomes

Data makes pharma and life science sector responsive to markets dynamics. Typically, R&D laboratories consume 8 to 10 times as much as energy as normal rooms. In the pharmaceutical industry the costs of operating production plans make up a large part of company total costs. With a holistic approach focusing on long-term value creation, you can reach up to 40 % energy savings or up to 20 % reduction in operational costs. 

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