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Energy Management

Sustainability and energy efficiency in production

Energy costs are high, resources are becoming scarcer, and climate change laws and regulations are constantly expanding. How can industrial enterprises today maintain their competitive edge and embrace sustainability as an opportunity? By implementing solutions that combine data transparency with very specific recommendations for action – from production to the supply chain.


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Make your company more sustainable and energy-efficient.

When energy prices are high, it’s all the more important that the power and resource consumption in your production facilities are as transparent as possible, and that you take control of load peaks that can otherwise result in hefty fines. Add to this the fact that more and more customers, partners, and legislators are demanding verifiable proof of the carbon footprint of your products: Are you able to handle all of it?

Your path to improved sustainability and energy efficiency.

A comprehensive approach to a sustainable transformation helps you prepare for the future. First of all, you need an overview of your resources. Then you can use data to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and find ways to make improvements. Combine this with solutions that efficiently manage and optimise consumption in order to guarantee the flexible use of resources and save money. Finally, you have to be able to safeguard and verify the decarbonisation of infrastructure, processes, and products.

Resource transparency

To generate an optimal production schedule, you need a fast and straightforward overview of the loads in your plant. Given rising energy prices and sustainability requirements, it’s increasingly important that you make machine transparency not just visible but also verifiable. To achieve transparency, you have to be able to compare load data from all your machines and access this data within the company independent of the device. You can then calculate KPIs on the basis of added-value consumption and production and can track the effectiveness of energy-efficiency measures.

Resource efficiency

Thanks to resource-efficient production, you can correlate different data with external influences: for example, using energy forecasting, which generates meaningful energy performance indicators from raw data to predict future consumption. This allows you to analyze the factors influencing power consumption.

Another example is tracking measures that document the resulting costs and improvements – while at the same time reducing the number of tools needed for this task. Ever-stricter regulatory requirements and audits for certificates like ISO 50001 demand both transparency and traceability if there’s to be continuous improvement.

Resource flexibility

Flexible resource management can ensure a fast response to rapidly changing customer and environmental requirements: for example, load peak management that helps you reduce energy costs. By preventing peak loads, you’ll also reduce the fines that you’d potentially pay to your power company.

The flexible deployment of generator sets also contributes to optimising your plant’s power consumption. When you use self-generated energy and accurately plan your consumption, you’ll need less power from the grid. When the generator sets are automatically switched on and off, you can also reduce the actual power limit.

Key advantages

Benefit from sustainability and energy efficiency in production.


Maintain full transparency of your plant’s power and resource consumption, costs, and Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). This will allow you to initiate targeted measures, become more sustainable, and boost your efficiency.


Boosting energy and resource efficiency helps your company meet the expectations of customers, suppliers, and legislators. At the same time, you can control consumption so that you avoid load peaks in production.


A user-friendly analysis of standardised measured values lets operators compare their machines’ performance with the effectiveness of energy-efficiency measures and continuously optimise both.


Make faster and more flexible use of resources right when they’re needed. Thanks to these new options, you can meet all your requirements without consuming more.

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SIMATIC Energy Management Software

To lower your energy costs, increase your competitiveness and comply with statutory requirements, end-to-end energy management is essential. To help you keep a constant eye on company-wide energy consumption, Siemens offers SIMATIC Energy Management a comprehensive, scaleable ISO 50001-certified portfolio of products and solutions – ranging from energy data recording to energy analysis.

Scalable SIMATIC software for energy management

Scalable software solutions serving every need, from individual machines to plant-wide solutions – with SIMATIC, you can implement integraexpandable energy management scalable to your needs as they grow. Systems can be engineered quickly and easily while offering comprehensive analysis functions. Open interfaces give you a free hand for data input and forwarding, and the energy measurement modules of SIMATIC Energy Meter provide an ideal basis for collecting and recording data on any energy medium.

SIMATIC Energy Management provides you with an easy way to equip your machinery and plants with a comprehensive solution for energy monitoring – from consumption measurement to detailed efficiency analysis based on the condition of the machine or plant.

Energy transparency in production – Manage the energy consumption of your plants. 

Prove the energy efficiency of your machines and plants in detail. Monitor the agreed capacity limits for electrical energy and avoid fines with load management. Simple and integrated into automation with SIMATIC Energy Suite and S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor

Simple and integrated energy management

SIMATIC Energy Suite

From the measurement of individual loads to detailed evaluation of the efficiency of entire machines, SIMATIC Energy Suite and the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor bring the energy transparency to your automation system. In addition, you can use the load Management in Energy Suite to avoid the peak loads in industrial applications and to distribute loads evenly. The engineering integrated into TIA Portal supports you with simple implementation of production-level energy monitoring.

SIMATIC Energy Suite: Energy data acquisition generated automatically

SIMATIC Energy Suite, as an option for TIA Portal, efficiently links energy management with automation, thus creating energy transparency in the production system. The suite allows different types of energy data to be grouped, buffered, and visualised in a standard way. The considerably simplified configuration and automatic generation of the energy management program significantly reduce configuration costs. Thanks to the integrated interface to SIMATIC Energy Manager, the recorded energy data can be seamlessly included into a cross-site energy management system certified in accordance with ISO 50001.

S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor: Standardised efficiency evaluation of machines

With the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor, machine manufacturers can easily document the energy efficiency of their machines based on six defined machine conditions and thus comply with the requirements of VDMA Measurement Instruction 34179.
The S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor is part of TIA Portal* and enables the integration of condition-based analysis of energy data into machines without great effort. Energy and media data can automatically presented as an acceptance document on the SIMATIC operator panel and in Excel format.

Plant operators also benefit: The efficiency data are part of the automation and can be called up on the operator panel at any time and can optionally be transferred to SIMATIC Energy Manager via the integrated interface and used for long-term evaluation across multiple machines. In this way, the operator can see the energy consumption over the plant lifecycle at a glance, identify any inefficient operating behaviorr, and take suitable measures to resolve the issue.

* TIA Portal V15 and higher

Avoid load peaks and distribute loads smoothly

Prove the energy efficiency of your machines and plants in detail. Monitor the agreed capacity limits for electrical energy and avoid fines with load management. Simple and integrated into automation with SIMATIC Energy Suite and S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor

Load management optimises energy costs

Energy utilities typically offer reduced tariffs for constant, predictable demand profiles. Through contracts with limited peak loads, companies can optimize their consumption and reduce their energy costs. However, any violation of the specified peak load limits results in penalties and surcharges. With SIMATIC Energy Suite Load Management, you can ensure that peak load limits are not exceeded – and do so in a fully automatic manner.

Load management as part of system automation

Load management is part of SIMATIC Energy Suite. This TIA Portal option (from V16) efficiently links energy management to automation. It allows comprehensive load management for your facility right from the in-feed and brings load management directly into production – without the need for special IT systems.
The solution can be fully implemented on a PLC system. Load management uses an integrated predictive algorithm that continually calculates the predicted final consumption value for the relevant period. Depending on the available capacity, actuators – that is, loads (e.g., motors) or power generators – are switched on or off according to the configured priority. The lower the priority, and thus the relevance to the process, the more frequently the actuator is switched off.
Users benefit from efficient engineering in TIA Portal: they can configure the load management system using TIA Portal interfaces, generate the finished program, and configure the corresponding visualisation. The solution also includes visualisation with SIMATIC WinCC Professional to display all relevant information, both for the complete system and for individual actuators.

Significant time savings

Configuration in TIA Portal with automatic generation of the program and visualisation for SIMATIC WinCC Professional – which is included in the solution – combine to cut time spent on implementation.

Predictable costs

Users benefit from a quick and predictable return on investment as a result of fixed procurement costs and calculable savings achieved through a configurable power demand limit.

Great versatility

Load management can be easily adapted to meet new requirements. If new actuators are added, they can be easily created in the engineering system, and the program can then be regenerated.

Short response times

SIMATIC Energy Suite Load Management has short response times, even with variable tariffs. The power demand limit can be adjusted during runtime and can therefore be tailored to variable tariffs (e.g., day and night tariffs).

Company-wide energy management with SIMATIC Energy Manager

SIMATIC Energy Manager is the energy management system for industry, certified in accordance with ISO 50001. It helps you visualize energy flows and consumption values in your processes in detail and assign them to the relevant consumers or cost centers. Evaluate implemented efficiency measures, optimize your energy procurement, and compare energy efficiency across plants and locations.

Scalable solution for ISO 50001–compliant energy management

SIMATIC Energy Manager helps you not only reduce energy costs but also increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your processes.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Appropriate key performance indicators and data presentation options can be used to derive corresponding energy efficiency measures which, if successfully implemented, result in cost savings.
  • The Power monitoring supports a secure & reliable power distribution
  • Transparency at cost center level increases employee awareness and forms the basis for a transparent and comprehensible design of targets or review of the achievement of goals.
  • Due to the proximity to production, technological processes and plants (e.g. machine status-related analysis) can be evaluated energetically.
  • Transparency paired with forecasting functionality increases planning security and opens up new opportunities in energy procurement
  • Energy controlling, with flexible reporting and analytics capabilities, help ensuring that efficient assets remain efficient
  • Forms Key Performance Indicators to increase the efficiency of power production units as well as assets like consumers
  • Openness is important. The OPC UA (HA) Server can be used to provide data to other applications.
  • Meets legal requirements for monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions

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