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Modernisation of Visualisation

Bringing your machine to the next level with the latest innovative visualisation solution from Siemens.

Introducing SIMATIC WinCC Unified System – a completely new visualisation system that enables you to successfully master the challenges of modernisation in machine and plant engineering. The latest web and edge technologies combined with open interfaces enable you to implement your ideas flexibly and according to application-specific requirements.

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Human Machine Interface is changing

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) is constantly improving and has undergone significant changes and advancement over the years. The innovations driven by a focus on user-friendliness, connectivity, data visualisation, and adaptability to changing technological landscapes aimed to help businesses improve operational efficiency, decision-making, and the overall user experience in various industries.

As many advanced technologies are developed and introduced to the market, new products and innovations can always supersede your current system. Siemens recently released its latest HMI technology, the WinCC Unified System powered with advanced features and capabilities prompting many businesses to upgrade and modernise their visualisation platforms – to further optimise their operations, and enhance their competitive advantage.

Increase of production data

With a projected increase of production data growing up to more than 180 zettabytes every year from 20251

Big variety of user interaction scenarios

The huge variety of user interaction scenarios estimated to increase to 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality users worldwide by 20243

Increasing number of devices and systems to connect

The increasing number of devices and systems to connect worldwide which is forecast to grow more than 25.4 billion devices by 20302

Industry challenges

Understanding and overcoming technological, organisational and operational challenges.

Modernising visualisation can bring about various challenges for companies. These challenges stem from technological, organisational, and operational factors. Some of the common hurdles include;


While most companies have no issues, some may find compatibility with legacy systems and data sources a big challenge. Managing these issues can be complex and time-consuming.

Data Migration
Moving large volumes of data from old to new platforms can also be challenging, leading to potential data loss or corruption.

Ensuring seamless integration with other software and data sources is crucial for maintaining workflow efficiency.

User Training

Employees may need training to adapt to the new platform, causing a temporary decrease in productivity.


Upgrading can be costly, with expenses related to software licenses, hardware, and professional services. Budget constraints can be a significant challenge.

Transitioning to a new platform may require downtime, impacting business operations.
Existing visualisations and dashboards may need to be recreated or modified, which can be time-consuming.

Ensuring the security of sensitive data and compliance with regulations during the upgrade is essential. Managing security risks is a challenge.

The new platform may not meet performance expectations or may require additional hardware.
User Resistance
Employees may resist changes to their familiar tools, affecting their willingness to embrace the new platform.

The visualisation system of the future

SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panel
powered by SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

An integrated visualisation solution from Siemens combining the latest web and edge technologies with open interfaces – The SIMATIC WinCC Unified enables machine and plant builders to meet the challenges of digitalisation. SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels and PC-based systems make the most of the visualisation systems’ power allowing you to implement innovative operating concepts. Enabled with latest technology, greater scalability, accessibility anywhere and openness for a system that is ready for the challenges both now and in the future.

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Full flexibility in the choice of the runtime environment: WinCC Unified is available on all relevant platforms in industrial automation.

WinCC Unified View of Things for simple use cases hosted on the PLC.

The new generation of high-end operator panels with Multitouch, Industrial Edge

Scalable from single-user system up to complex and distributed applications.

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The Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Unified System Advantage

Delivering beneficial outcomes for a successful and future-proof visualisation platforms.

Visualisation allows operators and managers to monitor the factory’s processes, machines, and systems in real-time. By highlighting bottlenecks, underutilised resources, and areas for improvement. This immediate insight can help identify issues, inefficiencies, and potential disruptions as they occur, allowing for timely corrective actions leading to increased production efficiency and resource utilisation.

Visualisation tools can help track product quality and detect defects in real-time, ensuring that only high-quality products are dispatched to customers. By also revealing the areas of the production process that can be fine-tuned or streamlined, improved visualisation can lead to cost savings and better resource allocation.

Advanced interface enables clear and intuitive representation of the factory’s status, historical data visualisation tools which allows easy analysis of trends, patterns, and historical performance significantly improving situational awareness and decision-making. This can help operators respond to changing conditions effectively for process optimisation and long-term planning.

Improved visualisation enables promptly identifying maintenance issues that can be addressed proactively, reducing unexpected downtime and costly disruptions to production while saving valuable engineering time.

Improved visualisation enables efficient monitoring of energy consumption and visualising usage patterns helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Remote access capabilities enable off-site personnel to monitor and control the factory, which can be especially useful for troubleshooting, support and ensure safety for human workforce particularly in unsuitable environment conditions.

Standardised operating concepts, flexibility and user-friendly attributes enable shorter training time and fewer human errors.

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