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Parmley Graham Consulting Services

We are able to provide a range of Consulting Services, directly or through our partners, providing unparalleled expertise in strategic solutions across a wide range of industries. Our seasoned professionals collaborate with clients to optimise operations, streamline processes, and drive sustainable growth. Using our vast network of partners and resources, we excel in crafting tailored strategies, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and implementing change management practices.

Whether it’s operational restructuring, market analysis, or digital transformation, Parmley Graham delivers results. Our client-centric approach ensures a deep understanding of unique challenges, fostering a dynamic partnership for long-term success.

Trust us to navigate complexities, innovate solutions, and propel your business toward new heights. Contact us to speak with our experts.

Parmley Graham Consulting

Committed to deliver value and take your competitive advantage to the next level.

We can help you with planning, consulting and the conceptual design to increase plant availability. We can support you in selecting the right products, configuration verification as well as in ensuring industrial security in your production. If you are considering your business to increase competitiveness in a rapidly changing market environment, trust the profound expertise and future-thinking approach of our service experts.

Process Consulting

Increasing your competitiveness in the market and exploiting the full potential of your plant has never been easier with our experts support  in developing a concept – from an analysis of the entire lifecycle and product selection to implementation and optimisation.

Technical Consulting

Regardless of whether you’re planning a new plant or modernising your existing assets, our experts can support you with technical advice on products and systems for efficient industrial plants.

Lifecycle Information Services

Proactive, regular service information helps you to optimise the availability of your plant through specific service recommendations as part of our solution consulting and at the same time to minimise maintenance costs.

Our experts specialises in the following fields and applications with strategies proven to have successfully transformed businesses across different industries.

Why trust Parmley Graham?

Helping transform businesses and delivering value to meet a constantly-increasing market demands for decades.

Find out more about our Consultation Services, or speak with our experts today.

Build innovative machines faster without costly prototyping with Efficient Motion Control.

With Effective Motion Control, machine builders can easily overcome major challenges and enable faster time-to-market, increased functionality, resolve complex system requirements, and demands for safety and sustainability. 

We are Siemens trusted and approved distribution partner.

As a Value Added Reseller in Siemens’ Approved Partner network, Parmley Graham are a proven supplier of a wide range of quality products in the UK and globally. 

Find out more how this will benefit you or check Siemens Configurator.

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