Siemens is one of the world's leading producers of automation, process control and electrical distribution technology.

The company also offers integrated systems and solutions for an increasingly wide range of manufacturing and utilities applications. An extensive range of Siemens products is available from Parmley Graham including variable speed drives, high efficiency motors, PLCs, control gear and safety equipment.

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Automation   Industrial Communications   Process Instrumentation
PLC's   Industrial Ethernet Switches   Pressure Measurement
Distributed I/O for the control cabinet   Industrial Ethernet   Temperature Measurement
Software   Industrial Ethernet cable & connectors   Flow Measurement
HMI   Profibus   Level Measurement
Industrial PC's   AS Interface   Valve Positioners
    IO-Link   Process Instrumentation Shortform 2020
Variable Speed Drives   Industrial Wireless    
Single-Phase   Industrial Security   Weighing Electronics
Three-Phase   Industrial Modems   Load Cells
Decentralised Drives   Remote Communication   Belt Scales
Motion Control       Weighfeeders
VSD Software   Identification   Solids Flowmeters
    Optical Identification Systems    
Power supplies / UPS   RFID systems   Process Analytics
      Extractive continuous process analysis
  Low Voltage Control   In situ continuous process gas analysis
  Motor Protection Circuit Breakers   Process gas chromatography
  Load Feeders and Motor Starters   Virtual Commissioning
  Time Relays   Machine Components - AMESIM
  Contactor relays   Mechatronic Concept Design - MCD
Safety   Softstarter   Cell/Line - Process Simulate
SIRIUS 3SE5 position switches   Overload Relays   Plant Level - Plant Simulation
Monitoring & Control Devices        
Modular Safety System   Switchgear and Circuit Protection    
Safety Relays   Switch Disconnectors    
3RM1 fail-safe motor starters   Switch Disconnectors with Fuses    
Industrial PC's   3VA Molded Case Circuit Breakers    
Automatic door controls   Miniature Circuit Breakers    
Safety Switch   Monitoring and Control Devices    
Emergency stop pushbutton        
Signalling Columns        

Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?