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Rack PC

Rack PC


Rack computers from Siemens – perfect for industrial applications

SIMATIC Rack PCs offer sufficient system performance for demanding applications and are ideal for performing a wide range of tasks in many different sectors. Thanks to numerous interfaces every SIMATIC Rack PC can be quickly and flexibly extended. Sophisticated innovative industrial design and integrated diagnostics and message functions make the Siemens rack computers highly available and particularly easy to maintain. PC options for industrial server applications offer higher system performance and availability as well as data security.


Entry-level version of the SIMATIC industrial PCs in 19" format.

 The SIMATIC IPC347E is especially suitable for production applications requiring a PC with greater robustness and a higher availability than office PCs. In particular for visualization and SCADA tasks, data acquisition and management, and measuring and testing tasks in discrete manufacturing or process automation, but also, for example, in logistics or laboratory automation.

SIMATIC IPC547G - Advanced IPC

The high-performance SIMATIC IPC547G is particularly suitable as a compact industrial workstation and server for rapid parallel processing of large data volumes.

The innovated SIMATIC IPC547G provides the latest PC technology in a reengineered industrial design that has received the coveted "Red Dot Design Award" and the "German Design Award". Powerful and designed for use in industrial settings, it impresses as a workstation or server in industrial applications requiring high computer performance as well as system and data availability. These include applications in industrial high-end image processing, as a reliable platform for SCADA systems, or production-level data acquisition and processing.


The SIMATIC IPC647E is especially suitable for the space-saving implementation of high-speed computing and visualization tasks, e.g. machine vision and data processing, or industrial server applications. The rugged IPC is only two height units.

SIMATIC IPC647E is a rugged and high-performance industrial PC in a 19" design (2U). With the latest Intel processor architecture of the 8th generation (Xeon, Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3), it offers the most powerful PC technology in a newly developed industrial design.


Maximum expandability and industrial functionality characterize the SIMATIC IPC847E. With its high long-term availability, it offers high investment protection and ensures reliable operation in particularly rugged environments.

 With the latest Intel processor architecture of the 8th generation (Xeon, Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3), SIMATIC IPC847E offers the most powerful PC technology in a newly developed industrial design.

 Rugged and extremely expandable with up to 11 slots, SIMATIC IPC847E offers high investment protection thanks to its outstanding long-term availability. In addition, it ensures reliable operation in especially harsh industrial environments, e.g. that experience a high pollution, temperatures or shock.

SIMATIC IPC1047 - High-End IPC

SIMATIC IPC1047 is an industrial PC for maximum computing and graphic capacity requirements with expansive expandability in 19" installation design (4 U). 

 Thanks to its dual socket mainboard with INTEL® XEON™ E5 processors, up to 2TB DDR4 RAM and high-performance graphics cards and GPUs, the SIMATIC IPC1047 meets the highest requirements. With its six PCIe slots (x8 and x16) and the powerful power supply unit, this rack PC can be flexibly used for many different applications. The rugged industry design and the dimensioning for 24/7 operation make the SIMATIC IPC1047 the ideal computer for production-related applications placing superior requirements regarding the computing and graphics performance.

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