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LOGO! 8 S7-1200 S7-1500 S7-300 S7-400 Failsafe PLCs    

Distributed I/O

ET200M ET200MP ET 200eco PN ET200S ET200SP ET200iSP ET200pro ET200AL


TIA Portal - STEP 7 (PLC's) TIA Portal - WinCC (HMI's) TIA Portal -  WinCC Runtime Advanced STEP 7               Classic                    (PLC's) WinCC                     SCADA V7.5      

HMI's & Industrial PC's

Key Panels Basic Panels                (2nd Gen) Comfort Panels Unified Comfort Panels Mobile Panels          (2nd Gen) Industrial PC's      

Industrial Communications

Profibus Industrial Ethernet Industrial   Wireless AS-Interface Remote Access IO-Link Identification    
Barcode                Reading RFID systems Remote Communication Anybus Gateways        

Variable Speed Drives

SINAMICS                    V20 (1ph) SINAMICS                    G120 (1ph) SINAMICS                     V20 (3ph) SINAMICS                 G120C SINAMICS                   G120 (3ph) SINAMICS                 G120X    
SINAMICS                      G110D SINAMICS                      G120D SINAMICS                   G110M V90 Servo              System (PROFINET) V90 Servo              System (PTI) SINAMICS                     S210    

Low Voltage Control

3RV2 MPCB (Motor Protection) 3RV2 MPCB (Starter Protection) 3RT20 Contactors (Screw) 3RT20 Contactors (Spring) 3RA6                       Compact Starter 3RM1                      Motor Starters 3RW                             Soft Starters SIRIUS ACT               Pushbuttons

Switchgear and Circuit Protection


3LD Main and               E-STOP Switch 3KD Switch            Disconnectors 3KF Switch Disconnectors              with Fuses MCB's Condition            Monitoring         Systems Energy         Monitoring    

Power Supplies & UPS's  

Special Standard PSU Basic PSU Advanced PSU Special Designs SITOP Add-ons UPS with Capacitors UPS with Battery Module


All Safety Modular Safety        System Safety Switch 3SK Safety              Relays        

Terminals, Connection System & Trunking

Terminals Pluggable                  System Connectors PCB Terminals Installation Connectors      


Small                   Enclosures Compact                  enclosures Enclosure                    systems Consoles                systems System Lights      

Climate Control

Enclosure                Heaters Cooling with         ambient air Cooling unit          


Inductive                  Sensors Capacitive               Sensors Photoelectric            Sensors Ultrasonic              Sensors Measuring             Sensors Smart              Sensors    

Vision & Lighting

Image Sensors Parts Verification        Array Pick-to-Light             Sensors Area Work Light Work Lights EZ-LIGHT    

Process Instrumentation

Pressure Level Flow Temperature Weighing Valves & Positioners Distributed Control System  

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